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Top 5 Tips: Creating A Mitzvah Candy Bar On A Budget

Top 5 Tips: Creating A Mitzvah Candy Bar On A Budget

The Bar Bat Mitzvah candy bar/buffet has quickly become a staple at many celebrations. From elaborate themed displays to simple color palettes, these dessert stations don’t have to break the bank! 

Following are Mitzvah Market’s top 5 tips for creating an awesome candy bar on a budget.

1. Set a Budget 
It’s important to set a budget before you begin to shop; and don’t be afraid to stick to that budget. After all, it’s just candy! You’ll be surprised how much you can buy once you find the right retailer or wholesale distributor.  

2. Choose a Color Palette
We recommend limiting your color palette to 2-4 colors or shades of a color. The limited color scheme will give you a more professional, sophisticated look – and make your shopping easier! Ombre color (one color in several shades) is an easy way to up the glam at your celebration. Black and white with an accent color is always a classic, and metallics are definitely on trend. Can’t decide? Rainbow adds a touch of whimsy to any celebration.

3. Pick a Theme
Your color palette might be all you need… or you might choose to play off of the theme of your Bar Bat Mitzvah party. Need some inspiration? Check out social media boards to see what other Mitzvah families have created. 

4. Choose a Few “Must-Have” Candies
If your child has an all-time favorite candy, you’ll want to price that out first. Next you can determine how much more to spend on additional items. Once you’ve selected your must-haves, an inexpensive way to fill out the rest of the bar is by purchasing generic-brand jelly beans, gummy’s or gum balls. Remember that some guests may have nut allergies, so you might want to avoid any candy covered nuts or chocolate bars with nuts. 

5. Buy in Bulk
Don’t shop retail! You can purchase large quantities of candy online for a fraction of the retail cost.  Plus: online wholesalers have much bigger selections. We recommend buying 1/4 lb. of candy for each guest. If you are expecting 150 guests, you’ll want to purchase approximately 37 total pounds of candy. 

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