Mitzvah Idea: We Want More S’mores!

Mitzvah Idea: We Want More S’mores!

Mitzvah Idea: We Want More S’mores!


Thanks to a Mitzvah Mom with this suggestion! Please keep the ideas coming…

Need a great way to get your guests involved and participating at your child’s Bar or Bat Mitzvah?

How about a S’mores Station. This is a great way to get them out of their seats and part of the action. Whether you are having a camp theme or just want to have lots of fun, consider offering them S’mores.

Smores from Cosi

This S’more kit is from Cosi

How about having a S’mores DIY Kit in the center of the adult tables to enjoy after dinner has been served. Cosi offers a great kit (pictured above) containing a hibachi, wooden platter, bamboo marshmallow skewers, matches, and, of course, marshmallows, chocolate, and graham crackers for $40.

Another option is to send your guests home with a pre-packaged S’mores kit from Recchiuti so they can relive that delicious moment of your party.

Smores Kit_2-790954

It’s very easy to create these S’mores kits yourself!

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