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Mitzvah Trend: Candy Buffets

Mitzvah Trend: Candy Buffets


Here is another example of our Mom-to-Mom advice here at Mitzvah Market!

A special thanks to Mitzvah Mom Randi for writing in about something she’s been seeing at many a Mitzvah…Candy Buffets. It inspired us to write this feature in honor of Valentine’s Day. We’re excited to bring you some eye candy treats!

Candy buffets/bars, candy stations and candy themes are very popular and can add something new to your decor. As an added bonus, they can also serve as your favor! You can find them in all sizes from small to over the top.

When people walk into a room and see a huge display of candy in beautiful glass jars there is definitely a wow factor. It allows guests to be interactive because they get to pick out what they want and can enjoy their treats right away or save them for later. Below are some pictures to inspire you with your candy buffet:

candytheme invite

Your candy theme can start with an invitation like this one above from, which took Dylan’s Candy Bar.  To learn more about and see more of their theme ideas, visit their extended Vendor Directory profile page.

Lollipops can also be great as placecards

candybuffet with fun linen

Beautiful Day Events coordinated the linen to go along with the candy theme

candy centerpiece

A delicious centerpiece from

Mardi Gras Fundraiser- Redondo Beach Ca 2-7-2010 004

A Mardi Gras Theme Candy Buffet from event Planner Jackie Sorkin


Another beautiful display from Jackie Sorkin


Talk about eye candy, this one is from Art of the Party in Orlando, Florida

Here are some tips when planning a candy buffet:

* Don’t skimp, think of your candy buffet as a decorative element and focus on creating a display that looks visually beautiful as well as one that tastes delicious.

* Large parties require approximately 8-10 types of candy, 15-20 pounds each.

* Have the caterer place the containers on different levels by places different sized boxes or books under the table cloth to create risers for some of the containers to sit on. This makes containers easier to reach, and makes the table look fuller.

* Buy in bulk – Candy Central offers great prices and a great selection. Check out their extended Vendor Directory profile page.

* Color makes a difference – generally, a candy buffet in coordinated colors looks much more elegant then one with colors that don’t tie-in.

* Use other decorative “filler” items on the table around the candy jars. Paper lanterns, flowers, flower petals, and picture frames are great “filler” elements.

If you have guests with special dietary restrictions like Kosher or sugar free, delicious candies can easily be included.

You can also make your own Candy Buffet. Trying finding glass cylinders on site such as and buy candy in bulk from sites like Candy Central.

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