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“Get A Grip” – With These Mitzvah Sock Favors

“Get A Grip” – With These Mitzvah Sock Favors

Did you ever notice how long it takes for the kids to take off their shoes at a Bar or Bat Mitzvah?

We know you probably spent lots of time and money picking out hip footwear for your child to wear, but if it’s a happening dance party then chances are those shoes will be off in no time!

Give your young (and adult) guests the gift of comfort. Your guests are going to appreciate the comfortable socks with a non-skid bottom from It’s My Mitzvah.com. Give them to your DJ to distribute, or place in a basket near the dance floor so guests can take their own when their feet start hurting.

They are made of soft white cotton and one-size-fits-most. You can even personalize these socks with a design of your choice. Just find your favorite theme and design and they will add your name and Mitzvah date to create your one-of-a kind favor.

Check out their Website, they have other Mitzvah favors too!



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