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6 Bat Mitzvah Ideas from Tik Tok

6 Bat Mitzvah Ideas from Tik Tok

Looking for some theme ideas for your upcoming bat mitzvah? Inspiration is everywhere and one of our favorite places to look for fun bat mitzvah ideas is on Tik Tok. Following different party accounts and hashtags, you’ll open yourself up to a new world of inspiration and really cool ideas. 

Check out some cool parties that recently caught our attention. 

1. Bizziebeecreations on Tik Tok is a constant source of party inspiration. This party planner is all about giving her followers a fun look into how her parties come together. In their recent post, she showed how to create made a fun elegant floral bar, along with black and white tile that was stunning, fresh, and original.


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2. Jeffrey Selden on Tik Tok gave us a look a bat mitzvah that featured all things pink, red, and floral. The party featured a bright, pink neon sign with the hosts’ name, along with a collection of flowers and commemorative t-shirts to celebrate the occasion. 

3. Jamayyy.y on Tik Tok gave us a look at an elegant bat mitzvah with glass bulbs illuminated from the ceilings, pink lighting, elegant table settings, and more. 

4. Party Hop Shop on Tik Tok served up some serious inspiration with a mesmorizing balloon transformation. Through a time lapse, we see hosts’ name covered in yellow, blue, and white balloons that we are sure was the talk of the party.

5. Preppy.dtx gives us a first look at her bar mitzvah that was an ode to all things pink, preppy, and fun! This includes glitter tattoos, a candy bar, and even a model pink VW to take pictures in.

6. Lost tribe on Tik Tok shared a bunch of fun themes you can try, including a city theme, skater theme, club theme, and more.

What are some of your favorite Tik Tok accounts for party inspo?

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