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4 Unique Bar/Bat Mitzvah Party Favor Ideas

4 Unique Bar/Bat Mitzvah Party Favor Ideas

By Vered Ornstein 

You’ve worked meticulously to plan your teen’s bar/bat mitzvah. From the ceremony to the outfits to nailing the theme — and everything in between! When the party is winds down, don’t forget the bar/bat mitzvah party favors as a way for your guests to remember this special day. 

An extension of your party theme, party favors could include traditional elements, such as a commemorative t-shirt or some candy, or perhaps something extra like an a custom or out-of-the-box favor. No matter if it’s the central piece of a gift bag or meant to stand alone, a unique party favor can really make your bar/bat mitzvah party stand out.

Below are four exciting ideas of party favors to consider to commemorate the closing of your teen’s special day.

1. Make a bar/bat mitzvah playlist

Get your guests involved in the party-planning process by having them help you build the perfect party playlist! 

  • When you send out your invites, ask each guest to suggest one song that reminds them of the bar/bat mitzvah teen.
  • Before the big day, compile those songs into a playlist and print out copies of the playlist’s QR code. 
  • Incorporate this into your seating chart labels, centerpieces, or name tags on party favors. 

Not only does this project make for a sentimental and personal take-home gift, but it will be a special reminder of good memories for your teen for years to come. By eliminating the need to curate your own playlist, it makes your (and your DJs) life a little easier, too.

2. Crafting station

Many families hire professional artists to entertain at their parties, but for an even more intimate experience, have guests create their own art to take home!

A crafting station could look like this:

  • A collage station with scissors, glue, copies of your teen’s favorite magazines, photos, and logos will let partygoers make their own mini scrapbooks commemorating the big night.
  • Watercolor paints and small paper canvases provide a mess-free way for guests to get creative and express themselves.
  • Sheets of carbon copy paper allow a guest to make one drawing or note for themselves and leave the copy behind for the bar/bat mitzvah teen.
  • Alphabet and colorful plastic beads paired with friendship bracelet string or gimp lanyard lets guests create wearable memories.
  • And any other crafty ideas you can dream of!

Crafting supplies are low-cost and easy to find, making this a fun and efficient way to spruce up your party and party favors.

3. Print a personalized coloring book

Try creating a one-of-a-kind coloring book chock full of your teen’s personality.

  • Have your teen compile some of their favorite pictures. This could pictures of your family, their friends, their favorite band, a logo of their sports team, etc. 
  • Once the photos are downloaded, convert them into coloring page drawings (there are several websites that do this for free or low cost). The pages can then be printed and hand-bound or sent to a professional printer who will create as many coloring books as you need. 
  • Pair each book with a small box of colored pencils or markers, and your guests will have a party favor unlike any other!

4. Create a DIY project

For small, personal gifts, try doing these DIY projects with your teen:

  • Use polymer clay to easily make jewelry, buttons, and more from the comfort of your own kitchen.
  • Fill small glass vials with sand from your favorite beach, or with colored sand for a beautiful little art piece.
  • Make a shrinky-dink charm or keychain with each guest’s name on it.

The handcrafted and individualized nature of a DIY project adds a personal touch and care to your party favors. Plus, they’re an excuse to do something fun and creative with your teen!

As you can see, there are so many fun bar/bat mitzvah party favors ideas. Work with your teen to create favors that your guests will treasure.

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