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Interview with DJ Baturo, Professional Jewish DJ

Interview with DJ Baturo, Professional Jewish DJ

By Serena Norr

Interview with DJ Baturo, Professional Jewish DJ

What’s the most important part of a bar or bat mitzvah? Some would say decor and theme, while others might say the fashions. One thing is for sure, every bar or bat mitzvah needs some great music! To learn more about the DJ process, we spoke with Mike Baturo aka DJ Baturo, a professional Jewish DJ and entertainer who services the Greater New York area.

Interview with DJ Baturo, Professional Jewish DJ

Mitzvah Market: What do you think makes a great bar or bat mitzvah?

DJ Baturo: I strongly believe that music and entertainment is the essence of what makes the party a success. When inviting guests to an event, the goal should be to give them an experience! Young teens and children need guidance at an event and that’s where we come in.

Mitzvah Market: How do you work with the families on the music?

DJ Baturo: Most of the time, my clients trust me to read the crowd and cater to what they want to hear. Being that I am very versatile as a DJ, I tell my clients to send me up to 10 songs that they like. Once I review the songs, I will understand their taste of music and will incorporate it in the set aligning with their guests.

Mitzvah Market: What are some services you offer?

DJ Baturo: Besides for being a professional DJ, we offer a wide-range of entertainment such as MCs, party motivators, photobooths, all kinds of event lighting, custom name monograms, video montages, sparklers, instrument players, and more.

Mitzvah Market: What have been some of your favorite bar or bat mitzvah experiences that you’ve been a part of?

DJ Baturo: There are so many. Each party has its own beauty and unique touch. My favorite kinds of bar/bat mitzvahs are those with a theme, because it’s really fun to plan it and I’m very into detail. I did an event that had a travel theme and there was so much creativity in the planning process, which allowed guests to feel like they entered a whole new world!

Mitzvah Market: What are some of the best songs for a bar or bat mitzvah?

DJ Baturo: Hard to answer specifically, because every event is different. I look around the room constantly to see the age dynamic and cultures to determine which songs would work best. Often times, older songs that are newly remixed works very well. Because everyone knows the words, the older folks appreciate it and the younger kids appreciate the modern touch.

Mitzvah Market: What is a must-have for bar/bat mitzvahs?

DJ Baturo: A truly must have for a bar/bat mitzvah is having a MC/party motivator. It is so important to have that separate person that specializes in being interactive with the kids hands-on. You don’t want the kids to be running outside, bored on their phones and not being part of the actual fun. With the right MC/ party motivator — along with the DJ — and lighting we’re able to get everyone involved!

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