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How To Think Of A Clever Bar Bat Mitzvah Logo

How To Think Of A Clever Bar Bat Mitzvah Logo

Seems like there’s a big challenge in the Bar Bat Mitzvah world…How do you come up with something clever incorporating your child’s first name, last name or initials to create a Bar or Bat Mitzvah logo or phrase/tagline.

Some Bar Bat Mitzvah logos use just first and last name initials and some are including a middle initial as well to create a phrase or highlight letters in a word or phrase.

Here are some creative examples:

Here are some tips on how to come up with your own phrase, word or tagline:

* Write the 2 or 3 initials down on a piece of paper. Are the letters reminding you of any words?

* Think of your child’s personality. Do any words/phrases come to mind?

* Use Google and search “Words that start with the letter _” fill in your letter.

* If you are having trouble finding one word with your initials, then start thinking about a phrase.

* There are also many Websites that people use when playing Words With Friends and Scrabble that can be helpful with this process.

Did you come up with a clever logo using your child’s initials or a phrase incorporating their name? Let us know at [email protected].

For more inspiration check out Bar Bat Mitzvah Logo’s A-Z.



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