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World Epiphany

World Epiphany

Today’s Mitzvah Project Profile is about a cause close to the hearts of many, including big-name celebrities like George Clooney and NBC TODAY’s Ann Curry. The cause is Darfur.

Shelby Evans from Plano, Texas, decided to take some of her Bat Mitzvah gifts and buy stoves for homes in Darfur through the organization Save Darfur. Here are some of Shelby’s thoughts on what a Mitzvah Project should be and why she chose to help people in Darfur:

In my mind there is no such thing as a Mitzvah Project, you should already have interests in helping people. Mitzvah Projects are just a way to spread the word of what you’re doing and hopefully make others more keen to be involved.

Darfur is a place in Africa where a great deal of genocide and mass murder takes place. Millions have been killed, and the government is causing it. I’d like to see good wishes sent to places like Darfur and the unfortunate who need help. I care about it because I believe everyone should have the option to at least help themselves, and they don’t even have that. I want people to take action and spread the knowledge, even possibly making it more of a grateful nation.

Shelby’s mom even kept a blog about her daughter’s Bat Mitzvah and all Shelby’s done for Darfur. Shelby tells MM that she recently started a club called, “World Epiphany” which helps make people aware of situations like that in Darfur.

Shelby is another example of one Kid making a difference! Thanks for sharing your Mitzvah Project with us, Shelby.

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