Top 10 Mitzvah Projects

Top 10 Mitzvah Projects


Long after the DJ’s name is forgotten and the imprinted sweatshirts outgrown, a young Jewish adult’s Bar Bat Mitzvah Project should be remembered.

We have profiled nearly 150 various Mitzvah Projects from children all over the country. Hopefully your child can get inspiration from others by reading what they have done.


Here are the 10 most popular Mitzvah Project stories from 2015.



1. M.E.S.S. (the boy’s initials) Flag Football Warrior

Warrior Bowl Mitzvah Project

Mikey Espinosa and Stefen Shapiro of Plainview, New York joined forces for the M.E.S.S. (the boy’s initials) Flag Football Warrior Bowl

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2. Operation Sweatshirt

ALex Grey updated picture

We have written in the past about the on-going Mitzvah Project of Alex Grey from Woodbury, New York. He has been keeping his Mitzvah Project, called Operation Sweatshirt going for 6 years. To date, he has collected more than 1,800 sweatshirts which have been delivered to eight different organizations

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3. Animal Attraction

Bari Diamond

For Bari Diamond’s Mitzvah Project, she combined two things she loves — horses, and her friend and neighbor, Kayla. Her efforts benefitted Pony Power Therapies in Mahwah, New Jersey

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4. Keeping Babies Safe

Davis Mitzvah Project

Joyce Davis, the President of Keeping Babies Safe, lost her four month-old son Garret due to a faulty portable crib. She is determined to spare other families this heartbreak. Each of her daughters has devoted their Mitzvah Project to raising funds for her organization

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5. Debbie’s Dream

Amanda and Ryan Caress

Amanda and Ryan Caress worked together on various fundraisers to raise over $2,000 for an organization dear to their hearts,

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6. Sophia’s S’mores Sends A Kid To Camp

Sophia Benson Mitzvah Project family

Sophia Benson of Goldens Bridge, New York worked through SCOPE (Summer Camp Opportunities Promote Education) for her Mitzvah Project “Help Me Send a Kid to Camp”

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7. Color Run

Tali Kobren Mitzvah Project

Tali Kobrin, a 6th grader from the Bronx, New York chose her Mitzvah Project after a recent family trip to Israel. “I wanted to help an organization in Israel. I visited SHALVA this past summer after hearing a lot about their work and I was blown away” she said

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8. Caring Canine Costume Contest

Dog costume project

 For Spencer’s Mitzvah Project he decided to use his love of dogs, and his creativity, as the motivation to launch a contest he named the Caring Canine Costume Campaign (CCCC). He invited people to post a photo of their dog dressed up in his or her favorite costume

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9. Two Projects, One Bat Mitzvah Girl

Mitzvah Project 

Kyra Goldman of Short Hills, New Jersey, chose two very worthwhile organizations for her Mitzvah Project. She has a passion for fitness, so she decided to raise money for the Lymphoma Research Foundation by holding Cycling for LRF.  For her second Mitzvah Project, Kyra honored a Holocaust survivor by becoming a witness through the Holocaust Council Of Metro West NJ, part of the Jewish Federation

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10. The Mitzvah Project Challenge

zane lantzman mitzvah project 2

Zane Lantzman of Livingston, New Jersey and his family rescued their dog Oakley from the Mt. Pleasant Animal Shelter in East Hanover, New Jersey. He dedicated his Bar Mitzvah Project to helping the shelter by collecting a much needed supply, paper towels

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 If you would like your child’s past, present or future Mitzvah Project profiled, please let us know at [email protected].




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