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B’nai Mitzvah Project To Benefit Debbie’s Dream

B’nai Mitzvah Project To Benefit Debbie’s Dream

Amanda and Ryan Caress (pictured left) will be celebrating their B’nai Mitzvah December, 2015, in New York City and have been hard at work on their Mitzvah Project.

They have worked together on various fundraisers to raise over $2,000 for an organization dear to their hearts, www.DebbiesDream.org.

We asked them some questions to learn more about their Mitzvah Project which is raising money and awareness for this organization.

MM: Can you give us details of your B’nai Mitzvah Project?
Amanda & Ryan:
Our goal was to raise money and awareness about stomach cancer specifically for www.DebbiesDream.org, which was started by our Aunt Debbie. We have organized multiple promotions for Lemonade stands and are selling tickets to a NYC event, Night of Laughter.

MM: Why did you decide to take on this particular project?
Amanda & Ryan:
We took on this project because it is a cause that touches home for us as our Aunt has stage 4 stomach cancer and started this organization.

MM: Does your Mitzvah Project have a start and end date, if so what are they?
Amanda & Ryan: We focused on two fundraisers, the first was an all-day lemonade stand and for the second one, we are involved in the planning of the NYC event, Night of Laughter at the Gotham Comedy Club.

Amanda & Ryan Caress

Ryan working the booth

In your own words, what does it mean to you to do a Mitzvah Project for your B’nai Mitzvah?
Amanda & Ryan: We couldn’t think of a more meaningful B’nai Mitzvah Project than raising money and donating our time to our Aunt Debbie’s charity. We have found it very rewarding to dedicate our time to helping others. We have done many fundraisers, lemonade stands, shopping events and are helping to run and promote the NYC Night of Laughter benefiting stomach cancer.

Amanda & Ryan Caress

Amanda baking the cookies they sold

If it involves a donation, what are you doing to spread the word?
Amanda & Ryan: For our second fundraiser, the NYC Night of Laughter, we have helped spread the word by giving out flyers, sending emails and advertising on various social media sites.

Amanda and Ryan Caress
Flyer promoting Night of Laughter

How long can people donate to this charity?
Amanda & Ryan: Feel free to donate directly to the charity www.DebbiesDream.org and indicate it’s in honor of Amanda & Ryan’s B’nai Mitzvah Project.

Anything else we should know about your B’nai Mitzvah Project?
Amanda & Ryan: We know how difficult it is to live with cancer. We hope our efforts inspire others. We have been raising money for this charity for years and will continue to do so in the future.

We thank Amanda & Ryan for sharing their Mitzvah Project with our readers. If you are interested in making a donation, please visit www.DebbiesDream.org.








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