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Project Greeting Card

Project Greeting Card

Sarah Tract of Brookville, NY, will become a Bat Mitzvah in November and wanted to come up with a Project that helped others and used her skills and abilities. She is very creative and came up with a clever plan. Mitzvah Market Mail caught up with Sarah and this is what she told us in her own words:

“Recently my hebrew school, Temple Beth Sholom, had my class visit Winthrop Hospital Outpatient Facility for Children with Cancer. When I saw these children who were getting chemotheraphy I felt so bad for them and I really wanted to do something to help. Also, due to all the problems in Israel lately, I also feel bad for the Israeli soldiers and would like to help them as well. Friends of the Israel Defense Force is a great place to donate money I can raise.”

“In the past few months,” Sarah continues, “I have created packages of greeting cards. These cards will help me raise money to support both of these two organizations I know can use our help.”

Sarah Tract greeting cards

Sarah created two types of cards, one is a general greeting card and the other is a Judaica card

In exchange for her hand designed cards, Sarah is suggesting a donation of $18 to benefit either Winthrop Hospital Pediatric Oncology or Friends of the Israel Defense Force. To date, Sarah’s Mitzvah Project has raised $1,000 for the hospital and $500 for the Friends of the Israel Defense Force. If you are interested in learning more about Sarah’s cards and/or making a donation, please email Sarah at [email protected].

Great job, Sarah!

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