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Help Supplied

Help Supplied

As you know, we love receiving email from readers! We love to gather Mom-to-Mom advice, ideas and tidbits, and we also love when Mitzvah Kids write in to share their Mitzvah Projects with us.

Recently, Meg Alberts sent us an email after finding out about from her Cantor, Yonah Kliger of Temple Emanuel of Beverly Hills. We think Meg’s Mitzvah Project is a wonderful one. It really hit home as it is the season for Back to School Night! Here’s what Meg wrote in:

“For my Mitzvah Project, I am collecting school supplies for schools that have suffered from budget cuts, and I am donating them through a Website called They post lists of supplies needed and schools that really need those supplies. I am not only looking for general school supplies but also the specific needs of the teachers. I do not feel it is right that these teachers have to take money from their own pockets and use it for everybody else’s needs. They do enough for their community.”

We couldn’t agree more, Meg! Meg created and distributed a flyer, identifying the supplies she is looking for. Her list includes pens, pencils, crayons, erasers and scissors. Her Bat Mitzvah will be later this year, and she will collect supplies through the end of the year.

The nonprofit organization is a wonderful resource which was established in 2003. Its mission is “to raise awareness of classroom resource inequities facing America’s schools and teachers, to provide the resources and to promote the love of learning to all American students, without regard to social, economic or demographic circumstances.”

With the help of individuals like Meg who are both collecting supplies and helping to spread the word, the mission is being accomplished.

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