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Mitzvah Project: Say No To Bullies

Mitzvah Project: Say No To Bullies

Bullying is all over the news these days and each story is more disturbing than the next.

We love how Hannah Rose Moss from North Miami Beach, Florida has created a Mitzvah Project to help! She celebrated her Bat Mitzvah in October 2010 and we spoke with her to get all the details of her Mitzvah Project:

MM: What are you calling your Mitzvah Project?
“Don’t Be Indifferent, Make A Difference STOP BULLYING.”

MM: Please tell us why you decided to take on this Mitzvah Project.
I have always feared being bullied. I have also feared trying to help someone being bullied. When I received my torah portion from my Rabbi, it just clicked. My parshat had three different themes, one of them was about “not being indifferent.” That week, at our school, a speaker came to speak to us about Rachel Scott, one of the Columbine victims. The subject of bullying is on everyone’s mind lately. I came home that day and asked my parents “what should I do if I see someone being bullied?” Not sure what to do, we searched out advice from different Websites and came across

MM: What is
This organization has a goal to provide information to teens and their parents to help reduce worry for kids by promoting self confidence and personal power. It also provides information to parents on what they need to know to help keep their kids safe.

MM: Please tell us what it means to you to do a Mitzvah Project for your Bat Mitzvah?
It means a lot. I am a pretty quiet person, some people would call me shy. After studying really hard for my Bat Mitzvah, I guess I gained some confidence and working on this Mitzvah Project gave me even more confidence. I also learned that I’m old enough now to take on more responsibility. If this project in particular helps even one person, I will know that I have made a difference. And that would be awesome!

MM: Please give us details of exactly what you did?
My torah portion was called Vayera, from the book of Genesis. There were three important themes, but the subject of indifference struck a cord with me because in my generation, we are dealing with teens being victimized by bullying. We see it on the news, hear speakers at our school and some of us have witnessed or experienced it first hand.

Start The Bump, Stop Bullying Mitzvah Project

Start the bump: Stop Bullying magnet

I spoke about this at my Bat Mitzvah service and asked everyone to join me in spreading the word about anti-bullying. My Aunt Sherry sells “Stop Bullying” magnets and I asked her to donate some as part of my Mitzvah Project in hopes of spreading the stop bullying message. I gave one to each guest and asked them to place it on their car. Additionally, I donated a portion of my Bat Mitzvah gifts to an organization that represents anti-bullying.

We would like to thank Hannah for sharing her Mitzvah Project with our Mitzvah Market readers.

If your child is interested in doing a similar project and would like to purchase magnets or bracelets (see below), please contact Sherry Bortnick at 516-852-8668.


Start the bump, stop bullying silicone bracelets from Off The Cuff



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