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Mitzvah Project: Farm Animal Sanctuary

Mitzvah Project: Farm Animal Sanctuary

Austin is from Ohio and celebrated his Bar Mitzvah in August, 2012. He worked on his Mitzvah Project, which benefitted Happy Trails Farms with both his grandmothers.

Pictured left: Austin and a horse at the Happy Trails Farm






We asked them some questions to learn more about this project:

MM: Can you give us details about your Mitzvah Project?
Austin, along with Grandma Sandy and Grandma Carole held a garage sale at Carole’s house for 3 days. Neighbors, friends and other family members helped to donate and set up for this sale. Austin’s sister (who is 16 years old) baked cupcakes to sell. We were able to raise $460. After the sale, the rest was donated to the Salvation Army.

Austin makes his donation to Happy Trails Farm

MM: We asked Austin what it meant to him to do a Mitzvah Project for his Bar Mitzvah?
It means that I will take on more responsibility and I’m now aware that help is needed in the world. My grandmother and I visited Happy Trails Farm last year and saw the extent of abuse and neglect some farm animals endure. Pigs, sheep, roosters, ducks, mini horses, and full size horses are among those that are re-habilitated and put up for adoption as pets. The farm exists on the generosity of others and volunteers.


MM: What are you doing to spread the word about the work at Happy Trails Farm?
We hope to get articles in Mitzvah publications. We also passed out the “Farm’s newsletter” to those interested at our garage sale. We publicize by talking about it to others.


MM: How long can people donate?
People can donate all the time, since there are on-going needs for food, shelter and treatment.

We thank Austin and his grandmothers for sharing this Mitzvah Project with our readers. To learn more about Happy Trails Farm, visit their Website.


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