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The Weiss Bar Mitzvah Family Spotlight

The Weiss Bar Mitzvah Family Spotlight

The Weiss family celebrated their son Zach’s Bar Mitzvah on April 21, 2012 and hosted the party at Silver Spring Civic building at Veterans Plaza in Maryland.

The basketball themed bash was planned by SAVE THE DATE, LLC, an event planning company that Mom Cara runs, and took place inside the “Zach Center,” a play on “Verizon Center.” SAVE THE DATE, LLC made sure the party was a slam dunk hit. Read on to see how they transformed the venue into the Zach Center.

Party photography was by Jason Weil Photography and Sean Cooper Photography, and the rest of the vendors are listed at the bottom of the spotlight.

Pictured above L-R: Dad Joel, Mom Cara, Bar Mitzvah boy Zach, Sister Marci

 Zach’s theme was a twist on the Verizon Center, complete with this clever logo.

Verizon Center? Nope it’s the Zach Center

Zach’s invitations were designed by SAVE THE DATE, LLC and Pioneer Announcements Inc. The invitation was classic and sporty, setting the tone from the beginning

 Zach’s guests found out where they would be seated with a realistic VIP ticket instead of a traditional seating card

The seating card featured a photo of Zach playing basketball

Instead of a traditional sign-in board, Zach had a sign-in basketball backboard!

Guests signed the backboard instead of a traditional sign or book

SAVE THE DATE, LLC and Da Vinci’s Florist worked on the decor, and together they transformed the Verizon Center into Zach’s special place for the night. The room was spacious and the centerpieces were elegant and simple

The basketball court served as the dance floor

Zach posing with his floor logo

The entire room was set up as a VIP area, with five tents around the space with a bar inside each tent — a few of the older guests were assigned to specific sit-down tables but for the most part the guests could roam between tents as they pleased

The tents each had bright white and elegant black furniture and red and blue accent pillows

Napkins with Zach’s initials added a special touch

These referee napkins are from Theme Naps and were used for cocktail hour stations

These coasters were unique and could be kept as a memento after the party

There was a whole station set up with Zach’s sportswear called “Zach’s Hall Of Fame”

Washington Talent provided the music and entertainment and got the crowd pumped. LA was the MC

Zach was completely cool during the horah

The dancers interacted with all the guests and made sure everyone had a great time

Zach “makes an entrance” with a dancer from Washington Talent. Zach’s dancers wore referee shirts to get guests in the mood for sports

This party had some really unique food stations! Dunkin’ Donuts to go were displayed in a unique way

Sushi on a spoon

Instead of McDonald’s this party had ZDonald’s

Elegant single serving appetizers. The salmon and cream cheese were a major hit

 SAVE THE DATE, LLC and Promotions Your Way took care of the party favors for the kids. Zach’s favors were cool sweatshirts with individualized names on the back

Zach’s friends model their favors

Every child got a basketball shaped bag that they could write their name on and keep their favors in

There were also cubbies for the kids’ favors

There was a lot of fun to be had at Zach’s celebration! He had a photo booth, actors, a red carpet dress lady, and much more!

A “basketball player” on stilts with tiny basket balls entertained guests

Guests could pose for “magazine covers”

At the end of the celebration, bus transportation was provided for Zach’s friends. Mom Cara decided the parents should have something to do while they waited for their kids…so she organized “breakfast” for them! Parents saw this sign when they drove to pick up their kids from the bus drop off, and they got to drink hot coffee and eat some breakfast food while they waited 

Mom Cara has both practical and sentimental advice:
“Hire an event planner to keep you organized and have fun planning! Enjoy watching your child see what he or she wants to become.”

Zach held a fundraiser for the Brain Aneurysm Foundation.

The following vendors helped to make Zach’s Bar Mitzvah special. If you give any of them a call, please let them know you read about their services on

Venue: Silver Spring Civic Building at Veterans Plaza, 240-777-5315
Party Planner:
Mom Cara, SAVE THE DATE, LLC, 301-983-6222
Music Entertainment:
MC LA, Washington Talent
Jason Weil Photography and Sean Cooper Photography
Cliff Mattheson Productions, 301-652-5754
SAVE THE DATE, LLC, 301-983-6222
Party entertainment: Elite Productions, 724-864-6823; Talk of the Town, 301-738-9500; Stage Right Entertainment, 240-401-3071; Sandy O Studios, 215-487-9544; Fotographix, 301-928-2240
Invitation: SAVE THE DATE, LLC, 301-983-6222, Pioneer Announcements Inc., 305-573-7000
Cake: Cakes by Leslie, 301-652-9390; Savvy Treats, 202-422-5173
Décor: Da Vinci, 301-588-8900
Sign-In Board and Logos: Sublime Creations, LLC, 703-347-1795, SAVE THE DATE, LLC, 301-983-6222, Promotions Your Way, 515-250-1766
Special Napkins: Theme Naps, 678-720-0702
Dresses for family members/Suits for family members: Nicole Miller, Nordstrom, Haute Hippie, Nordstrom, and Florida stores
Hair/makeup: Progressions, 301-231-8757; Makeup by Jan
Transportation: International Limo, 202-388-6800
Party security: SAVE THE DATE, LLC
, 301-983-6222

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