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The Nussbaum Bat Mitzvah Family Spotlight

The Nussbaum Bat Mitzvah Family Spotlight

We hope by spotlighting this Mitzvah Family, you will be inspired to take some of their ideas and make them your own.

This Bat Mitzvah was for the Nussbaum’s second child and they wanted something completely different than their son’s Bar Mitzvah in 2006. Carlee loves texting and circles and they were able to incorporate both into their theme, “LOL With Carlee.”  Their celebration was held at the Glen Sanders Mansion in Scotia, New York. Creative Mitzvah Mom Tracey was able to come up with many unique Mitzvah Finds for Carlee’s party.

We want to thank all the Nussbaum’s for sharing their party photos and ideas with Mitzvah Market. We can’t wait to see what you come up with for Brett in 2018! (All Vendor information is listed at the bottom).


Stamp - Mitzvah Style



The entire Nussbaum Family looked great for Carlee’s big day. Carlee’s chocolate brown dress was found at a Jessica McClintock store and then embellished by an FIT student/family friend (see below). Tracey’s dress was from a store called Fancy Schmacy and all the guys wore ties with circles to match the theme.

Nussbaum family

L-R Big brother Jake, Tracey, little brother Brett, Bat Mitzvah girl Carlee and Keith Nussbaum

Carlee with Erika

FIT fashion student Erika Schuster went shopping with Carlee and added embellishments so her dress would match the theme! A very creative and inexpensive way to have a customized dress!


Stamp - Mitzvah Decor


The room at the Glen Sanders Mansion was transformed by Total Events. Turquoise tableclothes with pink bows on each chair made the room bright and colorful. Texting symbols identified each table. All party photography was done by Elwise Noisette.

Carlee room decor 1

Carlee ready for her guests to arrive

Carlee centerpiece

A close-up of Carlee’s texting centerpieces

Carlee at kids tables

The kids sat at these long tables


For additional room decor, Tracey found these cardboard cell phones online, that were actually costumes! She hung some from the ceiling and placed a few on easels at the entrance to the room


Stamp - Mitzvah Idea


Mitzvah Mom Tracey came up with many creative ideas for her daughter’s celebration. She shared a few below:


Nussbaum Brett poster

Tracey got this idea from Mitzvah Market and used Big Huge Labs to create a “Coming Soon” poster for little brother Brett

Nussbaum Cell_phone_chair

Tracey found this cell phone chair online and used it as Carlee’s sign-in board. It nows sits proudly in her room!


To keep with the theme, the kids placecards were these soft squeezable mini computers on the left and the adults got cell phones on the right. All had name and seating info written on the screens. Tracey found these thru Albany Clothing & Promotion

Carlee candlelighting

Another great idea: instead of a cake, Tracey found these “round” (of course) candles online that were used for the reverse candlelighting ceremony. After Carlee introduced each candlelighting participant via reading a text message to them, each guest was able to say a little bit about Carlee




The Nussbaum’s used Shwamy Creations for Carlee’s Bat Mitzvah invitations. The entire ensemble featured circle paper which was hand-cut and beautifully set the stage for the theme of her party.



Stamp - Mitzvah Music


The Nussbaum’s used Hart To Hart for their entertainment with Arthur as the MC. Before Carlee entered her party, an entrance video was shown that had been previously taped at their home. All videography as done by Joe Anthony.


Carlee Make An Entrance

Carlee “Made her entrance” doing her favorite thing….IM’ing!

Carlee Music

MC Arthur got the crowd going…



The girl guests received pink sweatshirts pictured below and the boys received a different design in grey. The sweatshirts were presented in drawstring bags and hung on the backs of the chairs in the kids seating area.



These sweatshirt favors were created by Rusty Gallagher from Albany Clothing & Promotion

Carlee kids table

Drawstring bags, also found at Albany Clothing & Promotion with the kids favors were hung on the backs of each chair



Mitzvah Mom Tracey has this advice for our readers after completing Mitzvah #2 for the Nussbaum Family:

She says, “We all get caught up in the planning of the party and celebration, but need to remember the real reason for the celebration and what your child has accomplished at the actual Bar or Bat Mitzvah service. There is nothing like that moment when you see and hear your child read from the Torah for the first time. You need to savor that moment. Then after…you can celebrate and party.”

Thanks Tracey! That is great advice.


Stamp Vendor's Directory


Here is a list of the Vendor’s who helped make Carlee’s day so special. If you call any of them, please let them know you read about them on Mitzvah Market! Thanks.


Entertainment: Hart to Hart, 800-541-HART
Venue: Glen Sanders Mansion, 518-374-7262     
Coming Attraction Poster: Big Huge Labs
FIT Student: Erika Schuster
Fashion: Fancy Schmancy, 518-452-1269    
Chair: Artistic Sensations
Room Decor: Total Events.  518-383-8602  
Cardboard cell phone:

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