The Gornitsky Bat Mitzvah Family Spotlight

The Gornitsky Bat Mitzvah Family Spotlight

The Gornitsky Bat Mitzvah Family Spotlight


Gabrielle “Gabby” Gornitsky celebrated her Bat Mitzvah on May 26, 2012 at the Hampshire Country Club in Mamaroneck, New York.

Her celebration was themed “Club GRG” for Gabby Rose Gornitsky and this club featured something no other nightclub ever will: there were literally thousands of balloons covering the ceiling at both the service and the party. Talk about a popping celebration!

All photography was provided by Liz Steger of Liz Photo and the rest of the vendors are listed at the bottom.



Pictured L-R: Mom Dina, Bat Mitzvah girl Gabby, Dad Lorne, Sister Sasha








Pretty Paper and Polka Dots created the unique invitations that could be worn around guests’ necks, like a VIP pass to a club.


Gornitsy invite?

The invitations were printed on plastic plexiglass and asked guests to wear “cocktail chic” attire




Gabby had her service at Synagogue Hatikvah in the Bronx.



Gornitsy service

The synagogue ceiling was filled with balloons

Gornitsky - Service 2

The decor in the synagogue put the guests in a celebratory mood right away


Stamp - Mitzvah Style


 Gabby’s dress was a gorgeous bright pink Betsey Johnson creation.



Gornitsky - Entrance

Later in the night she made her grand entrance through this arch of iridescent balloons




Balloon Artistry provided the place card tins, which had a special surprise inside: kids got gumballs, and adults got mints (and a table number).



Gornitsy place cards

The kids’ place card tins had gumballs inside — they had an open seating area, so there was no need for table numbers

Gornitsy service

In addition to a sign-in board, Gabby had a book near the place card tins in which friends and family could leave messages



Stamp - Mitzvah Decor


Mom Dina and Dad Lorne worked on the decor with Balloon Artistry to create a club atmosphere.



Gornitsky - Decor 1

Brightly colored palm trees were at the center of each table

Gornitsy decor

The colorful Club GRG logo

Gornitsy decor

It seemed as though there was an endless amount of balloons




Gabby made her grand entrance through the striking balloon arch.



Gornitsky - Entrance 2

She wore an EJ the DJ shirt and was carried in by two dancers


Stamp - Mitzvah Music


EJ The DJ provided the music for the celebration with Kershel as the MC.



Gornitsky - DJ

One of the dancers made sure Gabby got a birds eye view of the crowd

Gornitsky - Dancing

The DJ and MC hyped up the guests for a club-like dance party

Gornitsky - Chair

Gabby was fearless on the chair, grinning and clapping her hands




Liz of Liz Photo, the event photographer, made the sign-in board too.



Gornitsky - Sign In 2

The board was a collage of photos of Gabby and her friends

Gornitsy sign in

The rose in Gabby’s hair on the sign-in board matched the color of her dress





To add an extra bit of pizzazz, Balloon Artistry made a life-size cut-out of Gabby for the party.



Gornitsky - Cut Out

It’s like seeing double

Gornitsy decor

A group shot of all the kids at Club GRG

Gornitsy fun?

Brightly colored leopard print socks were available for girls who wanted to take off their shoes




Balloon Artistry provided the favors: reversible sports pinnies with the Club GRG logo.



Gornitsky - girl pinnie

The girls had white and black pinnies

Gornitsky - Boy Pinnie

This was the logo on the boys’ pinnies




Instead of a cake, Gabby had a stand-alone candle lighting ceremony featuring clever poems written by It Could Be Verse. 



Gornitsky - Candles 2

Her candles stood behind a sparkly pink sign featuring her name, Gabby





Gabby’s mom Dina planned the party with her husband Lorne, and with help from EJ the DJ and Balloon Artistry, and her advice for other moms is short and sweet:
“Start very early, save as much money as you can, and try to be calm and organized.”



Gornitsky - Family Candles

The Gornitskys, posing with Gabby’s unique candle arrangement


Stamp - Mitzvah Project Idea


Through girl scouts Gabby visited Dumont nursing home and organized art projects and events for patients. She also visited the New Rochelle Soup Kitchen many times and made sandwiches and served the clients.



Stamp Vendor's Directory


The following vendors helped to make Gabby’s celebration special. If you give any of them a call, please let them know you read about their services on



Venue: Hampshire Country Club, 914-698-4610
Party Planner: Dina and Lorne Gornitsky, with help from EJ The DJ and Balloon Artistry
Favor person: Balloon Artistry, 845-352-2828
Party entertainment: MC Hershel, EJ The DJ, 631-348-7848
Invitation: Michelle Schwartz, Pretty Paper and Polka Dots, 914-576-6920
Décor: Balloon Artistry, 845-352-2828
Candle Lighting Poems: Claudia, It Could Be Verse, 732-679-8093
board: Liz Photo, 914-636-7618
Life Size Cut-Out: Balloon Artistry, 845-352-2828
Dresses for family members: Pamela Robins, All Dressed Up, 914-690-1593
Suits for family members: Rothman’s
Party security: Bouncer from Hampshire Country Club, 914-698-4610
Photographer: Liz Photo, 914-636-7618
Videographer: EJ The DJ, 631-348-7848

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