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The Charlap Bat Mitzvah Family Video Spotlight

The Charlap Bat Mitzvah Family Video Spotlight

Our Mitzvah Family Spotlight stories are very popular with our readers. We find that everyone loves to see pictures and read about how other families celebrated.

For today’s spotlight story, we are trying something new: A video spotlight and first-hand account from Mitzvah Mom Sandra:

First here’s a description of her daughter’s celebration:

“We had an over the top Candy extravaganza Bat Mitzvah on September 8, 2012. My daughter Vivian Ruth was the Bat Mitzvah girl, and because her name so closely resembled “Baby Ruth,” it became the inspiration for our theme.

I am the Art teacher at Golda Och Academy in West Orange, New Jersey, and have been working as an artist for about 25 years. When we locked in on this theme I became excited and filled with all sorts of ideas for how I wanted the venue to look, the centerpieces, sign-in boards, t-shirts, candy bar, you name it, we did it!


Photo above is a centerpiece made entirely from candy by Mom Sandra!

It all started with their invitation – Keep Calm and Candy On from Paper + Love on Etsy

Check out the mad lib style RSVP

We thought it would make a great dramatic impact to have the centerpieces very large so that when you came into the room you would really get the WOW factor. It certainly did, everyone was very excited about them, and I was thrilled with the feedback.

Watch this video and you will see Sandra’s AMAZING creations here

We worked with Michael Sage from Lightning Shakes New York Entertainment. He is amazing! I had first seen him and his team in action at a students Bnai’ Mitzvah last year and was very impressed with his control over the crowd, the fun everyone was having and the great energy in the room.

So, even though I had hired a party planner for my other daughter’s Bat Mitzvah, I felt confident that working with Michael and using his vendors and Photo Booth along with handling all the decorations on my own that we would be in great hands to have a fabulous event.  The Lightning Photo Booth was a huge hit with the young and old and being able to continue the theme with the candy backgrounds was amazing.

Candy themed photos from Lightning Photo Booth

To be honest, the Bat Mitzvah celebration so exceeded our expectations that it’s hard to even describe. We had 132 kids and 80 adults, and there was not a moment that there wasn’t a crowd on that dance floor. Everything was planned and executed so well. Even Cedar Hill Country Club’s manager Bob Mueller shared that in all his years of Bar/Bat Mitzvahs at their club there had never been such a well- behaved group of kids. They were doing what they came to do, dance, play games, hang with their friends and eat the delicious food.

One of my students, 15 year old Jordan Bialik did the exceptional montage and it just blew the crowd away with its originality and professional look. We loved the photographer and videographer from LSNY Events as well. They were unobtrusive but made sure to really capture our event so we could relive it again and again.

Because we had so many kids, we used 5 motivational dancers from Michael’s company, and each one was truly better than the next, both kids and adults had fun with them, and they kept the party flowing and fun at all times.

I know I’m over the top kvelling, but it really was that awesome! My daughter was very concerned about the music and dancing, but I tell you, that D.J. was so fantastic! He kept the music and dance floor thumping all night long. We practically had to extract everyone off the dance floor at midnight when our party ended!

A friend created trays of candy sushi to match the theme! did our shirts and they came out amazing. We used 6 colors and the quality and price of the shirt was very reasonable and very well made. did our Kippot for the service, and going along with the theme, they were brown suede with silver Hershey kisses.

I had some amazing friends as helpers and builders and they did an excellent job too. All the work and energy that went into the party truly showed in every detail. The great Caricature artist Michael Arnold came for the cocktail hour and made excellent pictures. The food was off the hook, and even the cake that the club provided was outstanding.

I could go on and on, because honestly…it was THAT GOOD!!!!

Watch this video to get an idea of the fun at this celebration!
Watch here

To see photos of all the centerpieces from this candy extravaganza, click here.



There were many more “candy” touches at this celebration.


A Vivi Ruth step n repeat for photo ops

Custom wrapper on candy

A candy dots cake!

Chocolate moustache place cards

board



The following vendors helped to make Vivian’s celebration special. If you give any of them a call, please let them know you read about their services on


Venue: Cedar Hill Country Club, 973-992-4700
Party Planner: Mom Sandra
Music Entertainment/Photographer/Videographer: MC Michael, LSNY 
Photobooth: Michael Schindler, The Lighting Photo Booth
Caricature Artist: Michael Arnold, Speedy Doodle Studios
Montage: Jordan Bialik
Invitation: Rachel Westerman, Paper + Love Etsy
Décor/florist: Peggy Stone, Lotus Petals
board: Joanie Schwarz photography
Balloons: My Deco Balloon
Candy Sushi:
Dana Feinberg
Hair: Sue, The La Salon
Special Thanks
: Sofia Petros, Julian Petros, The brothers Brodsky, Tom Pinzino, Archie Henderson as well as Amadeo Gallart and Alison Bekendahl


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