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The Best Of…2011 Mitzvah Family Spotlights

The Best Of…2011 Mitzvah Family Spotlights

Our Mitzvah Family Spotlight stories are very popular among our readers. We find that everyone likes to see how other families celebrated their son or daughter’s milestone event. Our readers get great ideas and then make them their own.

We have run spotlight stories on over 75 families and receive emails regularly from readers who would love to be profiled. It’s a great way to thank your vendors with additional press!

There have been many great ideas within each story from families around the country. As we come to the close of another year, let’s look back on some of the creative ways these families have inspired us all:




Your Bar/Bat Mitzvah invitation usually sets the tone for your party. Here are a few from our Mitzvah Family Spotlight stories:



Lee invitation

The Lee Family sent their guests an invitation on a box of gobstoppers letting them know it would be a candy theme

Weingast invite

The Weingast Family used invitations from JNF. At the bottom of each invitation it said, “A contribution toward water resource development in Israel has been made in honor of Jacob becoming a Bar Mitzvah”

Victoria Secret Invite

This invitation arrived as “Victoria’s Secret Diary” and said “Secret Celebration” following services. Everyone wondered what the surprise could be. Check out the Engler Family Spotlight to learn the secret!




Farber Make An Entrance
Adam arrived in a shopping cart for his “Adamcrombie” theme from the Farber Bar Mitzvah Family Spotlight

Milbauer Make an Entrance
The Milbauer Family
had Mitchell’s hockey team friends line up so he could enter under a tunnel of sticks!

For the Dukofsky Family, the paparazzi greets Arielle as she arrives for her “A-List” party

Alex Imberman Make An Entrance

From the Imberman Bar Mitzvah Family Spotlight, Alex surprised his guests by breaking through a white screen

Babbush Make An Entrance

In keeping with their hotel theme, the upcoming Babbush Family spotlight had their daughter enter on a hotel rolling luggage rack




Everyone seems to have a way for their guests to sign-in and leave a memory/sentiment for their Bar/Bat Mitzvah child. Families are getting very creative in this area.


Parker sign-in
The Siegel Family got their idea to use their son’s closet door from Mitzvah Market!

Drew Cohen Sign-In
For their “Miami Beach” theme, the Cohen Family used a surfboard from Surfboard Beach Art

Udell Sign-in
The Udell Family used a guitar case for their guests to sign-in

Imberman sign-in

The Imberman Family used the digital iSign from Simon Elliot Events




Here are some creative ways to let your guests know where they are sitting.



Goldenberg closeupplacecards

The Goldenberg Family used place cards resembling iTune cards.
They look like the real thing, and notice the price of $10. 23 (Jared’s Bar Mitzvah date)

Ryder place cards

The Ryder Family used an actual pen with a gerber daisy glued on top for their place cards. The pen said “Melanie’s Enchanted Evening”

Robinson-Harry Potter theme place cards

The Sorting Hat, made by the Robinson Family for their Harry Potter theme, was at the center of the place card table. It magically roared, “You are Gryffindor!” and other phrases, thanks to an ipod underneath the brim. So clever!

Lowinger place cards

Guests grabbed their “records” placed in guitar holders at the Lowinger Family celebration to see where they were sitting. They had a Beatles theme!


Stamp - Mitzvah Cake


Who doesn’t love the Mitzvah cake! Check out these great ideas from our past Mitzvah Family Spotlights.



Rofe cake

From the Rofe Family Spotlight, a Tiff Candy Cake

Schuster cake

The Schuster Family had a shopping bag cake for their daughter’s fashion themed Bat Mitzvah

The Silverman Family had a beautiful red and white cake (camp colors) for their daughter’s Camp Pontiac weekend Bat Mitzvah

From the Lorry Family, a cake in the shape of a soccer field


Stamp - Mitzvah Style


Here are some cool style moments within our Mitzvah Family Spotlight stories.



Alex Imberman cuff links
From the Imberman Family spotlight, father and son wore matching baseball cuff links from Paul Fredrick. These are made from actual game used baseballs. There’s a number engraved on the back which you enter into their Website to find out information about the game they were used in!

Backalar Mitzvah Style

From the upcoming Backalar spotlight, the Bat Mitzvah girl, who is into tennis, changed into her Nike sneakers

Miller style
For a March Madness theme, the Miller Family females dressed the part with Mom in a white leather dress with royal blue suede panels to look like a jersey and sister Ali in a basketball jersey dress

Karen Mitzvah Style
Many Bat Mitzvah girls (and her sister and Mom) are wearing white! Here’s a trio of white from the Karen Family spotlight

Jochnau DJ
For his 007 theme, Garrett Jochnau did his best James Bond impression – white tux and all. See more in the Jochnau Bar Mitzvah Family spotlight

Gersten family - Mitzvah Style
It’s “Jeans, Jewels and Jerseys” for the upcoming Gersten Family spotlight




While some families decide not to have a theme, plenty have come up with very creative ones!



Boo Mitzvah Entrance Decor
The Wyner Family celebrated on October 31 and went with an Adam’s Family theme for their Boo Mitzvah

The Aiello Family had a polynesian theme in a restaurant featuring a pool in the center

Jacobs Bat Mitzvah girl

It was a play on Sex in the City for the Jacobs Family

Talarico place card table

It was a “Hats Off To Ross” by Dazzling Parties for the Talarico Family spotlight


It was the “Wizard of Oz” and an Emerald City theme for the Senzer Family!




As if we don’t eat enough at Bar/Bat Mitzvah celebrations, here are some delicious treats families serve their guests for the ride home!


Karen Mitzvah Exit
As guests left the Karen Family party, they found a waffle truck!

Udell Mitzvah Exit
As guests left the Udell Family celebration they were given to-go cups of Dunkin Munchkin Donuts along with coffee, tea, hot cocoa and assorted cookies

The Halperin Family gave out bags of “blue” cotton candy with a label that said, “We’re BLUE this day is through…thank you for joining us!”




Many families like to add their own special touch. Here are a few stand-outs!




The Grossman Family had an ice skating rink!

Ryder details

The Ryder Family found these cute flower hair bands that guests could keep and used them for napkin rings. Mom Jill wore her hair band that night as a bracelet!

Dieber dessert
The Dieber Family had special B&W cookies made with the Bar Mitzvah boy’s nickname D-BO


Once again we thank all the families for allowing us to share their ideas with our readers. Many of you have written in to say how helpful they have been. If you would like your child’s celebration to be spotlighted, please let us know at [email protected]. We will send back all you need to know so we can get started!

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