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The Jochnau Bar Mitzvah Family Spotlight

The Jochnau Bar Mitzvah Family Spotlight

Garrett Jochnau celebrated his Bar Mitzvah in May, 2010 with his service at Temple Har Shalom in Warren, New Jersey followed by an afternoon celebration at Westminster Hotel in Livingston, New Jersey.

Mom Sharon explains that Garrett is an avid James Bond fan, so there was never any question that he was going to make this his theme!  He kept his theme a secret from everyone until his Bar Mitzvah day, which only enhanced his friends’ anticipation, who were convinced that he was going with his other love, basketball!

We thank them for sharing all their great ideas with Mitzvah Market.

Party photography was by Avi Photography and the rest of the vendor information is listed at the bottom.

Pictured above (L-R): Sister Emery, Bar Mitzvah boy Garrett, Mom Sharon and Dad Stephen



All The Best Invitations created Garrett’s invitation in using black, red, white and silver to create a sleek look.


Jochnau invite
The color scheme of the invitations coordinated with the colors of their celebration

Jochnau stamp
The stamp used on Garrett’s invitation was a picture of him at 1½ years old, decked out in a tuxedo. This was intended to foreshadow his theme without giving it away!




Garrett was very involved in the planning process and even had a hand in selecting his venue, Westminster Hotel. Since this hotel is home to the well-known Strip House steak restaurant, the food was exceptional.


Jochnau decor

The banquet manager provided a custom menu that was elegant and fit right in with their theme




Kim from Marquis Florals created all the terrific decor including these place cards.


Jochnau place cards
The adults each received a miniature movie poster place card with their name indicating where to sit

Jochnau place cards
The kids seating arrangements were indicated on a large “seating” board




Garrett’s sign-in board was a photo lineup of all of the past and present actors who have played James Bond (with their heights indicated above them) in their best action pose.


Jochnau sign in

Garrett was photo shopped into the lineup between them and the result was great


Stamp - Mitzvah Decor


Kim decorated the room in black, white and red.  The floral arrangements for the adult tables were an assortment of red flowers in giant martini glasses.


Jochnau decor

The adults’ tables had a mini movie poster identifying the name of the table. There was also small glass containers that contained individually wrapped pairs of ear plugs for each person. On each wrapper, there was a label with Garrett’s 007 logo and the words “Hearing Protection Device” encircling the logo

Jochnau decor
Black tablecloths, red napkins, and black chair covers with white sashes set the mood in the kids area

Jochnau decor

For the kids’ tables Kim created themed centerpieces for each of Garrett’s favorite Bond movies. Each centerpiece was modeled around a movie poster and contained 3-D elements that pertained to that particular movie

Jochnau decor

Part of the decor included a 10 foot light-up sign that was designed to be a movie strip, with each of the movie posters appearing in each frame

Jochnau decor
Other decorations included a large light-up sign (about 8 feet long) with Garrett’s name and the 007 logo

Stamp - Mitzvah Music


Party Harty provided the music entertainment with Howie as the MC.




Jochnau Party Harty
Garrett with the Party Harty crew

Jochnau DJ

Garrett and his friends enjoying the music!

Jochnau sister
While Mom, Dad & Garrett all color coordinated their clothes, sister Emery could pick a dress in any color she wanted, so she could stand out on her own. We think she did a great job!




Garrett surprised his guests and changed his clothes after the cocktail hour, making his entrance in the signature white dinner jacket and bow tie, flanked by his Bond girl dancers!


Jochnau Make An Entrance

All their guests gasped as he walked in looking as dapper as any of the Bonds who have preceded him!

Jochnau DJ

Garrett poses with his Bond girls

Jochnau James 007

Garrett shows off his moves!


Stamp - Mitzvah Cake


Garrett’s tuxedo cake was created by Westminster Hotel.

Jochnau cake




Garrett helped with the design of his logos, which incorporated his initials and Bar Mitzvah date into the iconic images that make the James Bond 007 brand so easily identifiable.



Jochnau favor
Each of Garrett’s friends received a sweatshirt with Garrett’s logos packaged in a reusable environment-friendly tote bag

Jochnau favor
At the end of the party, all guests received custom water bottles and chocolate dipped rice treats


Stamp - Mitzvah Project Idea


Garrett volunteers his time assisting with special needs children through a local program called Hop, Skip & a Jump!


Hop, Skip & A Jump

Additionally, he participated in the Bar/Bat Mitzvah Twinning program through the NCOEJ (North American Conference on Ethiopian Jewry)





Mitzvah Mom Sharon is giving us some advice:
“Lists, lists, lists…make them early and check them often! It’s your child’s day, so let him/her take a strong role in the planning. Find a way to make younger siblings feel important, as they often feel neglected with all of the attention dedicated to the Bar/Bat Mitzvah child. Finally, remember to take TWO copies of your child’s speeches and candlelighting ceremony poems with you, giving one to your husband to keep in his breast pocket. Somehow, we inadvertently left Garrett’s in the car, which was with the valet, and we had to scramble to grab it at the very last minute!”


Stamp Vendor's Directory


The following vendors helped to make Garrett’s party special. If you give any a call, please let them know you heard about their services on MitzvahMarket.com.


Venue: Westminster Hotel, 973-548-0045
Party Planner: Mom Sharon & Bar Mitzvah boy Garrett
Music Entertainment: MC Howie, Party Harty, 516-845-8585
Favor person: Robin Swerdloff, Corporate Creations, 610-633-5453
All The Best Invitations, 973-992-4033
Cake: Tuxedo Cake, Westminster Hotel
Décor/Florist: Kim, Marquis Florals, 732-441-4800
board: Kim, Marquis Florals
Chocolate Rice Crispy Treats: Brummer’s Chocolates, 908-232-1904
Mom’s dress: Hartly Fashions, Westwood, NJ 201-664-3111
Sister’s dress: Princess Charming, West Orange, NJ 973-325-1419
Dad & Bar Mitzvah boy: The Clothing Center, 732-254-0870
Hair: The Beauty Company, Martinsville, NJ 732-560-8898
Transportation: Vogel Bus Company, 908-298-0045
Party security: Westminster Hotel
Photographer: David, AVI Photography 908-526-8116
Videographer & Montage: Party Harty 516-845-8585
Logo Design: Sheri Finver, [email protected]

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