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Brandon’s Baseball Themed Celebration in Cold Spring, New York

Brandon’s Baseball Themed Celebration in Cold Spring, New York

The Grunberg family of Woodbury, New York, celebrated son Brandon’s Bar Mitzvah at Woodbury Jewish Center and the reception later that evening at Cold Spring Country Club in Cold Spring, New York.

Brandon is a huge baseball fan so that was the name of the game for his Bar Mitzvah theme. The Grunberg family decided to use Brandon’s jersey number “25” to brand the party.

Pictured L-R: Dad Darren, Bar Mitzvah boy Brandon, Mom Dara and older brother Jack

The photographer was Stephen Andrew Studios and the rest of the vendor information is listed at the end of the spotlight.

Grunberg invitation

The invitation was created by Mom Dara, owner of Dear Friends. She pulled out all the stops to create a fabulous invitation; a wood plaque backed with a baseball image. When guests opened the custom black box it came in, they discovered the bottom was real turf and there was a pocket inside with all of the information about the weekend’s events.

Grunberg service
Brandon’s Bar Mitzvah service took place at Woodbury Jewish Center, Woodbury, New York. Bar Mitzvah boy Brandon with his parents on the bimah

Grunberg family

The Grunberg family looked great in their party attire. Mom Dara’s gold gown was from Filly’s and the men’s suits were from Kenny’s Men & Boys Wear.

Grunberg place cards

On “game” day, guests were treated to a beautiful collaboration between ESP Productions and United Floral Events that included four different centerpieces with the common theme of baseball with wheatgrass. The ticket booth, provided by Simon Elliot Events, was the focal point of the entrance to the party with a vintage image of Brandon in his baseball jersey

Grunberg decor

Baseball themed centerpieces of varying heights 

Grunberg decor

  Low centerpieces with baseballs and wheatgrass

Grunberg Decor

Table numbers were wood plaques with a baseball image on the back to match the invitation 

Grunberg decor

 Thanks to photographer Stephen Andrews Studios, large photographs of Brandon playing baseball in Cooperstown, Ripken Stadium and in his hometown, decorated the adult cocktail room

Grunberg decor

 A baseball themed gobo with Brandon’s jersey number 25 decorated the dance floor 

Grunberg decor

Keeping the decor authentic, a set of custom wood lockers displayed Brandon’s baseball jerseys, cleats,
bats, hats and baseball bags

Grunberg locker

 Brandon was all smiles on his big day

Grunberg mural

 A fabulous black and white mural of Yankee Stadium added to the decor

Grunberg place cards

Simon Elliot Events created the “ticket” seating cards that were handed to guests at the ticket booth before they entered the party. 

Grunberg sign-in

The sign-in was Brandon’s closet door. The logo was laminated onto the door and the guests were able to sign it throughout the party. 

Grunberg sign in

Brandon’s door looked great with his BG25 logo

Grunberg DJ
Entertainment Tonite, with MC Carl provided the amazing music throughout the evening. Brandon had a great time up in the chair during the hora

Grunberg DJ

Brandon tossed in the air by dancers!

Grunberg DJ

Guests danced all night 

Grunberg DJ

 Brandon posed with dancers wearing number 25 baseball hats 

Grunberg cake

Cold Spring Country Club created the cake, which was an exact replica of Yankee Stadium.

Grunberg Candle Lighting

The fun continued during the candle lighting ceremony provided by Simon Elliot Events. A pre-recording of a baseball announcer, who sounded exactly like Bob Sheppard, announced each candle with the guests of honor.  There was a huge sign of Yankees Stadium. As each candle was called, a different area of the sign would light up in lieu of actually lighting the candles on the cake. In the end, the entire board was lit up!  

Grunberg Candle Lighting

 Brandon and his brother Jack

Grunberg Moment
Older brother Jack, made a toast to Brandon. In the background, you can see a part of the black and white Yankee Stadium mural. A special moment between brothers

Grunberg moment

 Dad Darren gave a heartfelt speech about Brandon

Grunberg DJ

The bartenders, the valet company and the photographers all got in on the action, wearing lime green t-shirts and baseball hats with the famous quote from legend Yogi Berra, “It ain’t over til it’s over.” The photo booth, provided by Simon Elliot Events, had a backdrop of Yankee Stadium with Brandon’s logo on the board. Small custom photo albums held the pictures taken throughout the night. Brandon’s friends had fun with games such as Fast Ball and Pop a Shot from ESP Productions.

The t-shirts and hats were handed out to guests during the party

Grunberg DJ

Notice the black and white baseball socks for the girls, so clever!

Grunberg fun

 The guests loved the photo booth with the Yankee Stadium backdrop

Grunberg fun

Custom photo albums for the photo booth pictures

Grunberg mitzvah fun

 Brandon’s friends loved Fast Ball

Grunberg mitzvah fun

 Pop a Shot was a popular place to be

Grunberg napkins

 Brandon’s logos were also used on green and black cocktail napkins 

Grunberg favor

Brandon’s friends received a small cooler bag and a lightweight sweatshirt decorated with Brandon’s logo. The adults were also given cooler bags filled with Cracker Jacks, Big League Chew gum, licorice, cotton candy and more! Guests received a water bottle with a custom coozie

Grunberg favor

 The kids received this green cooler bag with a custom sweatshirt inside, created by Amy/And That

Grunberg favor

 Boys’ sweatshirt

Grunberg logo

 Girls’ sweatshirt had rhinestones on the sleeve

(Written by Brandon):

For my mitzvah project, I arranged a day with my friends and family to volunteer for the Miracle League.  The Miracle League is a baseball league for kids with disabilities and special needs.  Each person gets assigned a buddy for a game and helps them hit, field, and most importantly have fun!  To help these kids lift their self esteem, they bat every inning and hit an automatic home run!  Helping these children play baseball is not something that happens every day.  I was very fortunate to experience being a part of the Miracle League, and it meant a lot considering my passion towards baseball.  In fact, not only did 30 friends and family members join me on this heartwarming day, but my entire baseball team volunteered with me as well.  In addition to volunteering, I raised $1000 dollars and donated it to the league. I will continue to donate and volunteer to this wonderful organization along with my family.

Advice from Mom Dara:
“Most people will say, hire the right people, start planning early and be organized. I agree with all of that. My biggest advice is HAVE FUN. Enjoy the entire planning process because it is such a big part of the weekend.   Involve your child. Let him/her pick out pictures with you for the montage, select the songs for candle lighting, etc. Bring him/her to a few meetings regarding the décor, entertainment, catering, because the more involved they are, the more fun you will have as a family. This is a huge milestone and should be celebrated with all your friends and family. If you are excited, your vendors will be just as excited to create the most amazing day.”

The following vendors helped to make Brandon’s Bar Mitzvah special. If you call any of them, please let them know you read about them on MitzvahMarket.com

Venue: Cold Spring Country Club, 631-692-6550
Party Consultant: David Milowitz, ESP Productions, 516-484-8377
Photography/Blow-Ups/Videographer: Stephen Andrews Studios, 516-780-9100
: Entertainment Tonite, MC Carl, 516-826-6900
Cake/Tables/Chairs/Linens: Cold Spring Country Club, 631-692-6550
Favors: Amy, And That: 516-364-9222
Photo Booth/Ticket Booth/Candle Lighting: Simon Elliot Events, 516-586-6822
Mentalist: Ken Salaz, 917-952-8967
Bleachers/Turf Entrance/Games/Sign-In Door: ESP Productions, 516-484-8377
Décor/Florist: ESP Productions, 516-484-8377 and United Floral Events, 516-829-8890
Locker/Kids Lounge/Lighting/Trussing: Great Neck Games, 516-747-9191
Hi-top silver tables and stainless steel bar: Charles, United Floral Events, 516-829-8890
Baseball Backdrop: Great Neck Games, 516-747-9191
Invitation/Napkins: Mom, Dara, Dear Friends, 516-367-7877
Mom’s Dress: Rene Ruiz gown from Filly’s in Albertson, 516-739-9090
Boys/Dad’s suits: Kenny’s Men & Boys Wear, 516-921-2660
Hair: Hope, Salon Entourage, 516-496-1700
Makeup: Jennifer Anne Cosmetics, 516-921-1963

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