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A Teal Themed Celebration in Roslyn, New York

A Teal Themed Celebration in Roslyn, New York

The Maskell family of Muttontown, New York, celebrated daughter Dylan’s Bat Mitzvah service at North Shore Synagogue in Muttontown. The evening celebration took place at Temple Sinai in Roslyn, New York. Dylan wanted a sophisticated and modern party with only one requirement…plenty of teal! With a great color palette, clever poems and delicious Mitzvah Exit treats, it was a wonderful evening enjoyed by all. Added bonus: Mom Keri made the amazing Bat Mitzvah cake and treats!

Pictured above (L-R): Dad Sean, Brother Griffin, Sister Riley, Bat Mitzvah girl Dylan and Mom Keri.

The photographer was Hi Tech Photography Events and the rest of the vendor information is listed at the end of the spotlight.

Maskell Invitation 
The family worked with Beth Shapiro of Invitations with Love to create a custom invitation in teal and black with Dylan’s name in different fonts. The center was black linen silk screened in two colors with rhinestones surrounded by turquoise glitter paper 

Maskell service

Dylan had her service at North Shore Synagogue and immediately following was a brunch for all of the out-of-town guests, family and close friends. Dylan was all smiles up on the Bimah

Maskell style

 Dylan posed for photographs outside Temple Sinai.Dylan twirling in her gown giving a peek at her comfortable footwear 

Maskell style

The beautiful white tulle gown, adorned with crystals and teal accent

Maskell Family

 The whole family looked great

Maskell seating

Hi Tech Photography Events created the modern decor in teal, the Bat Mitzvah girl’s favorite, using black and silver accents. The seating chart, which resembled the invitation was a focal point in turquoise glitter surrounded by teal votives and blinged-out candles

Maskell decor
The illuminated bar with Dylan’s name and logo

Maskell decor

Stylish and fun pre-Mitzvah portraits of Dylan lined the ballroom
           Maskell decor

 The entire ballroom was lit with blue up-lighting that created a bright, crisp palette
 maskell centerpieces1

 There were alternating centerpieces with feathers and hanging crystals. Check out the chair backs in sequins!

Maskell centerpiece

 This centerpiece featured teal LED crystals in a black trumpet vase with black feathers

Maskell tables

On the communal tables, there were silver sequin table runners with illuminated Manzanita branches decorated with hanging votive candles and crystals 

Maskell decor

The wall above the buffet was all about Dylan with fabulous photographs from the pre-shoot

Details galore at this party starting with the out-of-town goodie bags included water, goodies, directions to the temple, to the brunch and to the party; each with a handwritten note from Dylan 

Maskell decor

Vases of varying heights added interest to the table decor. Notice the taller vase with the same graphic treatment from Dylan’s invitation, very cool!   

Maskell drink

DYLightful signature drinks in honor of Dylan

Maskell favor
Custom beverage cups with Dylan’s name and logo used for drinking during a surprise performance later in the party 

Maskell detail

Custom water bottles with Dylan’s logo and the words Dance Past Midnight (for her initials) were given to guests when Dylan made her entrance

Maskell details
Using the graphics from the invitation, these custom mint tins were created by REM Products 

Maskell ear plugs

Ear plugs were available for guests sitting near the dance floor

Maskell sign in
 Hi Tech Photography Events created custom vinyl clings to decorate the sign-in door from Dylan’s bedroom closet

Maskell sign-in

The back of the door signed and ready to be put back on Dylan’s closet

Maskell entrance

 Dylan entered into the ballroom on the shoulders of the EJ the DJ dancers

Maskell dj
Dylan was up in the chair… 

Maskell DJ

…so was Dad Sean

Maskell DJ

The dancers, along with MC Kershal, posed with Dylan

Maskell singing

Dylan, surround by her friends, sang “Cups” from the movie “Pitch Perfect” using her custom cups

Maskell DJ

 Guests and dancers had fun striking a pose

Maskell hats

Lots of fun SWAG with Dylan’s logo was out on the dance floor including baseball hats, pajama pants, shorts and bandanas.  Hats for those who lifted chairs during the Horah and for crazy dancers


White boxer shorts looked great with the teal logo

Maskell favors

Guests received cozy pajama pants too!

Maskell strong man

Adam (Realman) Rinn wowed guests. Mom Keri found him at a Mitzvah Market Celebrate! Party Showcase. Adam performing: Now that’s a “hard act to swallow”

Maskell cake

A labor of love, Mom Keri made the beautiful multi-layered cake

Maskell made oreos
Mom Keri also made chocolate covered Oreos to match the color palette

Maskell dessert

 These whipped bite cupcakes are from Whipped Creperie & Dessert Bar

Maskell Mitzvah Style

 The low floating votive candles were used for the candle lighting 

Maskell candle lighting

 A nice shot of the Maskell family

Maskell Candle Lighting

 Dylan surrounded by her friends

Maskell moment
 Bat Mitzvah girl Dylan and her dad danced to Aerosmith’s “I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing”

Maskell moment

 Parents Sean and Keri toasted Dylan during the party

Maskell favor

 Creative Specialties created the cool favors for Dylan’s friends. There were lacrosse shorts for boys and cut/ripped cropped t-shirts for girls. Limited edition sweatshirts were made for immediate family and a few friend

Maskell favor
The front of the girls’ shirt

Maskell favor
…and the back with Dylan’s initial’s highlighted in teal

Maskell favor

  Since both Mom and Dad are dentists, there were personalized toothbrushes for everyone when they left

Maskell key favors

 “THX 4 Coming!!” key chains

Maskell slippers

 Slippers for the moms on the front seat of each car

Maskell slipper note
A poem from Dylan on each pair of slippers

Mitzvah Project

Dylan’s Mitzvah project was to raise money for The Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. A very close family friend has a son who was recently diagnosed with this disease. Dylan thought of a way to use her gymnastics skills to raise money. They had rubber bracelets made up that said “iflip 4 Jack” “Help find a cure.” The family also did a walk-a-thon for “Team Jack” as well.

Maskell project

 The Maskell family had rubber bracelets made up that said “iflip 4 Jack” “Help find a cure.” The bracelets were sold for $3 and each and every time someone bought a bracelet, Dylan did a back-handspring flip for them!

Some advice from Mom Keri:”It is never too early to start planning! The most clever thing I did was ride on the coat tails of my friend whose daughter’s Bat Mitzvah was 2 months prior to mine. I figured that if I did everything that she did at the same time – I would be stress free the weeks prior to my own. Well, it WORKED! I really kept to a “fake timeline” and even pressured my vendors, dress fittings, etc. to be on the same page. I’m so glad I did it that way. It allowed me to take in the week leading up to the Bat Mitzvah. It was busy enough the week of, so without the added stress of any last minute details — I really took it all in, sat back and let this amazing day carry the momentum the entire week. Some other advice — clip coupons and buy when things go on sale! Baskets at Michael’s, socks at Modell’s, etc. And last, if you can DYI – it saves a ton of money, it only costs a little time and the rewards are so gratifying. Doing so much of it myself and with Dylan gave us such a great feeling.

Vendor Directory

The following vendors helped to make Dylan’s celebration special. If you give any of them a call, please let them know you read about their services on MitzvahMarket.com.

Venue: Temple Sinai, 516-621-6800
Party Planner: Mom Keri
Decor/Flip Books: Hi Tech Photography Events, 631-923-2260 
: MC Kershel, EJ the DJ, 800- 358-4335
Invitation: Invitations with Love, Beth Shapiro, 516-314-7298
Favor Sweatshirts/Lacrosse shorts/Hats/shorts/pajamas/slippers/keychains: Creative Specialties, Michelle, 516-348-1346
Party Entertainment: Strongman Adam Rinn, Adam Real Man
Cake: Baked by Mom Keri
door/Cling-ons: Hi Tech Photography Events, 631-923-2260
Table Decor: Photo-fetti, 866-496-3168
Dance floor give-aways: Creative Specialties, Michelle, 516-348-1346
Rubber bracelets: Michelle Collins, 516-459-6495
: Mom Keri known as Dr. Keri
Cupcakes: Whipped Creperie & Dessert Bar, 732-747-0076
Modell’s Sporting Goods
Custom water bottles: Tailor Made Water, 516-686-6821
Bat Mitzvah girl Dylan and sister Riley’s dresses: It’s Simply For You – closed
Mom Keri’s dress: Mieka, 516-200-5501
Hotel for guests: The Roslyn Hotel, 516-625-2700
Make-up: Filis Forman, 212-580-0687

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