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“Adamcrombie” Themed Bar Mitzvah

“Adamcrombie” Themed Bar Mitzvah

Adam Farber celebrated his Bar Mitzvah in April of 2010 at Warehouse 5 in Island Park, New York. Mom Michelle is the owner of M. Studio Events and planned every detail for their “Adamcrombie” theme. She is known for branding and we are excited to show you all her very clever ideas.

All photography is by Kornfeld Studios and the rest of the vendor information is listed at the bottom.

Pictured above L-R: Older sister Sammi, Dad Scott, Bar Mitzvah boy Adam and Mom Michelle

Michelle created the “Adamcrombie” theme, and wanted her concept to tell a story and tie together all the details. Her idea started with the invitation below and came to life at their celebration when guests watched their entrance video created by Ethan from Kornfeld Studios.

Adam Farber entrance video

Take a look at their creative entrance video here

In the video, Adam arrives at the Abercrombie offices and meets with an executive, (played by his grandfather). He explains that he has a great idea to get their company on its feet again. Skeptically, the owner listens and says, “Kid, I will give you until April 10th to get this business going.” The video shows Adam working very hard to turn things around. This all made sense to their guests who arrived at their celebration to find the venue set up as a store. It was complete with friends and family discount cards, clothing hanging on racks and all the other details you will see below.

Michelle told us, “What I was truly trying to accomplish first and foremost, was to celebrate our son’s Bar Mitzvah in a way that he would love, but I also wanted to showcase my talents in launching my event planning business.”

Michelle wanted to re-create an Abercrombie store experience and her attention to detail began with their invitation. Take a look below:

Farber invite

Guests received the box above which contained the invitation and a T-shirt. They probably thought they were receiving something they ordered from an Abercrombie store!


Each guest received this T-shirt

Farber invite

Inside they found the invitation above with a perforated RSVP postcard at the bottom


The RSVP postcard

Dazzling Parties created the foam core facade for the outside of Warehouse 5. Guests knew they were entering “Adamcrombie” before getting inside!


Guests felt as if they were entering a store!


Inside Warehouse 5


“Adamcrombie” T-shirts were placed over chairs in the lounge area


Photos of Adam taken by Kornfeld Studios were used as decor


The bar was stocked with stacks of T-shirts!


Big blow-ups of Adam line the walls


Michelle didn’t leave out any detail to brand this space “Adamcrombie!” A wall was created to appear as a dressing room!

Farber details

Using custom stickers, buckets were filled with brightly colored T-shirts

Farber candy

Candy was on display

Farber pillows

Custom pillows were found throughout the space

Farber details
Sale signs with accessories lined every table


Custom napkins

Farber soap

Even the soap in the restrooms!


A display of “Adamcrombie” cologne with candy inside

Farber Make An Entrance

Adam appropriately “makes his entrance” in a shopping cart with the EJ The DJ crew!

Mom Michelle with the EJ The DJ crew all in “Adamcrombie” T-shirts

Farber cupcakes

The details for Adamcrombie also spilled over into the food presentation. “Adamcrumbie” for the cupcakes!


Even the food was delivered to guests in branded cups

Farber Moment

Mom Michelle gives Adam a hug

Farber Moment

Adam and his Dad Scott

Farber moment

Adam and his Dad take a turn playing the drums


A special photo shoot was done with Adam and that photo appeared on the favor bags. Looks just like the bags from Abercrombie!

Farber favor

Each bag had a real receipt explaining what they were getting

Farber Favor

The boys received a heather gray zip up with their last name personalized down the arm and the back said, “Adamcrombie Bar Mitzvah Division”

Farber favor

The girls received a reversible blue fleece “flash dance” style sweatshirt. Their last name was also down the sleeve

Farber Favor

Here is the back

Adam Farber favor

Additionally, the boys received this green T-shirt

Adam Farber favor

And the girls received this pink one!

Adam Farber - Poppy

Adam’s Bar Mitzvah service took place at home. There was a very special moment during the service when Adam and his grandfather “Poppy” were Bar Mitzvah’d together!

Mitzvah Advice from Michelle

“Organization, creativity and working with amazing people will get you to your end result. That is why my business has evolved into more of a “party” concierge service, rather than event planning. I can offer just one or two of the elements that you see in Adam’s party, or work with a client to organize the entire event. My main objective is for my client (who ultimately becomes a friend) to be a guest at their own party. I love dotting every “I’ and crossing every “T.” It makes me happy to see the end result, but I LOVE the process!”

Bar Mitzvah Vendors

Venue: Warehouse 5, 516-432-2400
Party Planner/Favors/Invitations
: Mom Michelle Farber, M. Studio Events 516-456-8715
Music Entertainment
: MC Kershel, EJ The DJ, 631-348-7848
Party Entertainment: Photo Booth, Video Arcade, Barry Becker Starlight Entertainment 516-764-2061
Décor/Florist: Dazzling Parties, 516-766-1471
Photographer/Videographer: Kornfeld Studios, 516-678-7180


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