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A Neon Lights Bat Mitzvah Celebration in New York City

A Neon Lights Bat Mitzvah Celebration in New York City

The Unterberg family from New York City, New York, celebrated daughter Tatum’s Bat Mitzvah with the service and reception at Motivo NYC in New York City, New York.

Tatum envisioned her Bat Mitzvah at a nightclub with family and close friends. Her theme was neon lights and by selecting Motivo NYC everything needed for an amazing party was already in place! Mom Robin used her creative skills to personalize many party details.

Pictured L-R: Mom Robin, Sister Riley, Bat Mitzvah girl Tatum and Dad Craig.

Photography by JB Yong of Sweet Dreams Studio and the rest of the vendor information is listed at the bottom of the spotlight.

Mitzvah Invitation & Service

By selecting Motivo NYC the venue was perfect for the service and reception. The family created a special place of worship within the reception venue.

Mitzvah Details

Hosting the celebration at a nightclub filled with bright colorful lights made decorating very easy.  Not all children like to dance and many do not like the loud music so they provided a quieter area for fun activities.

Music & Entertainment

  Guests were entertained by MC Van and Total Entertainment who kept the crowd going all night.

Mitzvah Video

Tatum’s montage was created by Spot On Pictures and was filled with movie and television clips in addition to celebrity mentions!

Spot On Pictures: Tatum Unterberg

Watch the montage here

Mitzvah Favor

Mom found mini colorful Chinese take-out boxes and filled them with personalized M&M’s.

Mitzvah Project

Since Tatum was 4-years-old she has been doing mitzvot. On her 4th birthday she wanted to make sandwiches for the homeless. Whenever there was a catastrophe she immediately wanted to help. She usually sent her money to the Red Cross. She visited her great-grandmother in an assisted living home where she went around to all the people bringing them sweets and putting smiles on their faces. For her Mitzvah Project Tatum chose the ASPCA. She had stoop sales to raise money as well as donating her own allowance to help animals in need. For family and friends who hosted the Friday night dinner for Tatum, they chose to donate money to the ASPCA in their honor. People loved this thoughtful gesture.

Tatum is used to doing mitzvot and growing up often had stoop sales from selling lemonade and cookies to selling her gently used toys and clothing to raise money.

Mom to Mom

Some advice from Mom Robin:
“I decided to do the Bat Mitzvah without a planner. Organization is key! Do your research; the internet makes it doable. There are plenty of web sites like Mitzvah Market that guide you on what’s needed and when it should be done. I made a notebook to keep all invoices, contracts and purchases in one place. Once we locked in the venue and hotel for out of town guests, the rest was easy to plan. I made a master grid of what I needed to purchase, reserve and checked it off as I went. Included on the grid were contacts’ email, websites, phone numbers, date for deposits due and total cost. I also made a grid specific for the Bat Mitzvah weekend. I organized the grid of what I needed to bring to the Friday night dinner and Saturday ceremony/party. For example, I made sure for the Friday night venue we had a Challah, candle sticks and a kiddush cup.”

Vendor Directory

The following vendors helped to make Tatum’s celebration special. If you give any of them a call, please let them know you read about their services on MitzvahMarket.com.

Venue: Motivo, Metronome Hospitality, 212-505-7400
Mitzvah tutor and officiant: Howard Blas
JB Yong, Sweet Dreams Studio, 862-204-9172
Party Planner: Michelle, Motivo, Metronome Hospitality, 212-505-7400
Invitation: Mom Robin
Music Entertainment
: MC Van, Total Entertainment, 800-783-9335
Chinese take-out boxes: Michaels
Personalized M&M’s: My M&M’s
Photo booth: Sweet Dreams Studio, 862-204-9172
Candle lighting display: Mom Robin
: CMNY Cakes, 516-513-0010 
LED Fiber Optic Centerpieces: Coolglow.com
Beads: Oriental Trading
book:
Montage: Spot On Pictures, 212-979-9667
Bat Mitzvah girl Tatum and sister Riley’s dreses: Macy’s
Mothers dress: Missoni
Dad Craig’s suit: Hugo Boss
Out of Towners Bus Transportation: Academy Bus Lines, 212-445-7590

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