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Mitzvah Inspire: Masquerade Mitzvah

Mitzvah Inspire: Masquerade Mitzvah

We received this great Bat Mitzvah Inspire from Karen Goldstein of Blush Photo in Boston, Massachusetts.

This is a really unique party and we know you’ll enjoy this night of disguise!

The Bat Mitzvah girl wanted a masked ball theme for her celebration. She wanted to do something that would be both festive and different, as well as give people the opportunity to be creative. Her family and friends bought masks from as far away as Italy for this event!

Mask Mitzvah: Kieva family
The Bat Mitzvah girl’s family got most of their masks from Masquerade Enterprises

Mask Mitzvah: Kieva
Guests got into the fun!

Mask Mitzvah: Kieva place cards
A masked mannequin was the centerpiece on the place card table

Mask Mitzvah: Kieva
The color scheme of the party was blue and green

Mask Mitzvah: Decor Kieva
A gold mask was at each guests’ place setting

Mask Mitzvah: Kieva decor
Masks on mannequins added to the decor

Mask Mitzvah: Kieva
There were also feather boas and Mardi Gras beads to make the party feel like a masquerade right out of a Shakespeare play!

Mask Mitzvah: Kieva

What took center stage at this celebration was the variety of masks – from Venetian to Mardi Gras to theatrical and even homemade

Mask Mitzvah: Kieva
Guests tore the dance floor up with entertainment from Siagel Productions

Mask Mitzvah: Kieva
Guests got into the fun by wearing masks

Mask Mitzvah: Kieva
Young guests enjoy wearing their masks

Mask MItzvah: Kieva
Friends were treated to mobile flip books by Fun Flips!

Mask Mitzvah: Kieva
The covers for the flip books were personalized for Kieva’s Bat Mitzvah

Mitzvah Inspire Mask Mitzvah flip book

As part of the entertainment and still keeping with the theme these young guests enjoyed dressing up

Mask Mitzvah: Kieva

What a creative Bat Mitzvah celebration. Thanks to Blush Photo for sharing this party with Mitzvah Market.


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