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Mitzvah Inspire: Israel in Washington, D.C.

Mitzvah Inspire: Israel in Washington, D.C.

Shalom! Welcome to Israel.

Well, actually this great Bar Mitzvah celebration took place in Washington, D.C. but Evoke Event Planning led by event planner Jodi Moraru made guests feel like they were on a trip to Israel!

This event was full of traditions and meanings, as the family and their guests were able to enjoy a special evening celebrating their heritage and a special day in a magical place.

Photography by Robert Bowen Photography.



Stamp - Mitzvah Decor


The room was brought to life with painted murals of beautiful scenes of Israel outlined by stone archways that bordered the walls, stretching from top to bottom.



Mitzvah Inspire Israel theme decor
A painted mural was created

Mitzvah Inspire Israel decor wooden table

The detailed, rustic setting was decorated with wooden tables and bars.

Mitzvah Inspire Israel theme centerpiece
Each table was accented by vibrant bouquets, orange flowers and almonds!

Mitzvah Inspire Israel theme room

Mix it up – look how great these exotic tablecloths go with the wooden chairs and tables

Mitzvah Inspire Israel theme room with lights
Bulbs hanging from the ceiling recreated the feeling of the square in Old Yaffa outside of Tel Aviv


Stamp Mitzvah Food



Ridgewell Caterers based the menu off traditional Middle Eastern recipes and delicacies, with a modern and gourmet twist.



Mitzvah Inspire Israel theme food1
Pita pockets with falafel balls or roasted chicken schwarma with Tahini sauce, finished with freshly made Mediterranean dips

Mitzvah Inspire Israel theme food2

Israeli salad, basmati rice tossed with golden sultana raisins, slivered toasted almonds, and of course…french fries

Mitzvah Inspire Israel candle lighting

To become a part of the family’s celebration, family and friends were asked to light the candles hanging from an archway representing traditions of Judaism

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