Mitzvah Inspire: Around the World Adventure

Mitzvah Inspire: Around the World Adventure

Mitzvah Inspire: Around the World Adventure


84West Studios, a floral design, entertainment, and photography studio located in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida just completed a great “Around the World” themed Bar Mitzvah.

Held at the famous and beautiful Eden Roc Hotel in Miami Beach, the company provided the decor, DJ entertainment, lighting, video, and photography for this Bar Mitzvah boy.

They even created his own personal airline to “transport” his guests.

Check out this great adventure.





Daniel's Great Adventure venue

The outside of the Eden Roc Hotel

Around the World theme entrance

There was a jet way entrance leading the guests into the reception area

Around The World theme entrance1
There was a flight attendant to stamp “passports” and give guests their boarding passes (place cards)

Around the World flight attendant

“Daniel Airlines” was ready for take off

Around the World ballroom
When guests entered the spacious ballroom, they felt they were about to embark on a great adventure

Around the world centerpiece
Blue and green floral arrangements designed to look like globes were placed on sleek pedestal vases that were filled with blue LED crystals

Around The World food stations

The food stations were the focal point of the room, and each station represented a different country

Around the World theme Asian Station

Each station, such as this Asian station, had a giant lit photo backdrop with native flowers and decorative items on each table

Around the World Adventure food decor
A close up of the special decor elements on the table

Around the World Adventure food station

Welcome to Italy

Around the World Adventure dancing

 Dancing and music were enjoyed by all


We thank 84 Studio West Studio for sharing this great “Around the World” theme with Mitzvah Market.

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