Mitzvah Inspire: A “Horror”witz Halloween Mitzvah

Mitzvah Inspire: A “Horror”witz Halloween Mitzvah

Mitzvah Inspire: A “Horror”witz Halloween Mitzvah
Party Perfect Orlando planned a “spook-tacular” party for a Halloween-themed Bar Mitzvah last year.

The venue was The Groove Dance Club at Universal City Walk in Orlando, Florida.

When your last name is Horowitz and you have an October 28th Bar Mitzvah date, then “Horowitz Horror Night” is the only way to go!

Inspired by Universal’s popular attraction, “Halloween Horror Nights,” this party delivered thrills and chills!

Marc Harmon Photography was the photographer and the complete vendor listing is at the bottom of this page.


Halloween Bar Mitzvah venue
The Groove Dance Club at City Walk Orlando

Horowitz Halloween poster
Vintage horror movie posters lined the front of the venue with the Mitzvah family photoshopped into each terrifying image

Halloween Inspired posters
The posters read: “Maxula, He’s a real pain in the neck”, “Franken-teen – Body of a boy, mind of a monster!”, and “Creature from Max Lagoon!”

Halloween MItzvah food buffet
The ghoulish decor was seen throughout the food displays. Coffins, headstones and planks were used to display the appetizer buffet

Halloween Mitzvah Red Room
The Red Room: A fiery room at The Groove was embellished with bloody lanterns and custom “Max” pillows

Halloween Mitzvah custom pillow

A close up of the customized pillows

Halloween decor1

“Want a drink?”

Halloween Mitzvah custom vip pass

All the guests were given special “VIP Passes” for the night with a photoshopped image of the Mitzvah Boy as Franken-Max!

Halloween Mitzvah dancing

Dancing in the dark included white gloves that were handed out to all the guests before Max’s grand entrance. Black lights came on, white gloves started clapping in the air and Max descended down the stairs to a crowd of family and friends

Halloween Mitzvah confetti

After the Horah, confetti bursts surprised guests

Halloween Mitzvah wax hands

 Guests created their own “zombie wax hands” that were placed in custom clear boxes to take home as souvenirs
Halloween Mitzvah guests and ghouls
 Actors posing as zombies, walking dead, and Dracula, were hired to interact and scare the guests throughout the night
  Halloween Mitzvah table decor

The adults were seated in a separate section on the top floor of the venue. The spooky atmosphere was enhanced by a long table decorated with candles, florals and plastic Dracula teeth as napkin holders 

Halloween Mitzvah centerpiece

Adult table decor included cobwebs on candelabras and skeleton hands that popped up out of floral displays

Halloween Mitzvah gift box

Max’s gift box looked like a zombie pushing out from the grave to grab the guest’s hands as they put their cards in the box. Skull eyes on the tombstone flashed and made creepy noises

Halloween Mitzvah candy bar

 Old barrels and a wooden plank provided the space for the custom candy bar and a giant ghoulish figure reigned over the candy, daring guests to grab a bag and fill it up!
 Halloween Mitzvah candy
 A custom logo for Max’s Zombie Candy was created for each item on the candy bar

Halloween Mitzvah candy display

Green chocolate-covered pretzel rods with almond “finger tips” were created to look like monster fingers. Other mini sweet treats included chocolate RIP headstones, ghosts, and eyeballs
Halloween Mitzvah glow candy

Fresh cotton candy was spun on LED sticks and handed out to guests at the end of the evening

Halloween Mitzvah cup

Every guest received a custom Horowitz Horror Night stadium cup for their drinks



Event Coordination: (including movie posters, favors, signage, custom pillows, candy buffet) Party Perfect
: Marc Harmon Photography
Venue and Scare Actors
: The Groove, Universal CityWalk, Orlando
Wax Hands
: Pretty Crafty
: Greenery Productions
Card box
: Designed by Party Perfect, Construction by Party Decorations by Marlyss and Stacey
VIP Passes
: (design by Party Perfect)
Music Entertainment
: J&R Productions, MC: Scotty B
Airbrush Artists
: Caricature Connections

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