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Top Bar Bat Mitzvah Questions From Our Local Facebook Groups

Top Bar Bat Mitzvah Questions From Our Local Facebook Groups

We have thousands of Moms and Dads across the country who are members of our various regional Facebook groups.

They are asking great questions and are getting lots of FREE Bar and Bat Mitzvah planning advice. Have you joined one of our groups yet? Not sure what type of questions you can ask?

Here are some of the top questions from our groups:

* Did anyone do Sign-in boards themselves?
Many families responded with great ideas and photos!

* Anyone know of a “different type” of entertainment for a Mitzvah in addition to the DJ? For example for my older sons BM we had a contortionist come and do a 40 minute act. It was such a huge hit, even staff came to watch.
Over 9 members responded with creative ideas.

* Looking for someone to help me create a logo for our child’s Bar Mitzvah. Would love some recommendations. P.S. Not looking to BREAK THE BANK.
Five different companies were suggested.

* Can anyone share your thoughts on providing buses to/from the party? The service isn’t a factor so it would be just to transport the kids to/from a designated spot. The bus provides 1 chaperone on each bus, but I’m thinking I would need someone to wait in the parking lot in case parents are late. Wondering if the bus will be more stressful or helpful. Can anyone share their experiences?
Great real-life experience was given by over six members.

* Thinking about our candle lighting ceremony, not serving cake, any suggestions on candle holders?
Both vendors and readers shared ideas.

* I’m searching for a DJ for my daughter’s Bat Mitzvah on March 10, 2018! Taking all recommendations.
This group member was left with eight solid companies to call!

*Looking for glass jars of various sizes/shapes for a candy bar at my son’s February Bar Mitzvah. Anyone willing to sell yours? Where is the cheapest place to get the candy?
One of our vendors not only told her where to get these, but gave her the amount she needed for her number of guests.

If you have a question, please find your local group and post! We promise to answer you.

Thanks, The Mitzvah Market team

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