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Mitzvah Inspire: Write All Over the Furniture!

Mitzvah Inspire: Write All Over the Furniture!

Many families have become very creative with the way their guests leave sentimental messages for their child at his or her Bar/Bat Mitzvah celebration.

Rarely do you see a large blow-up photo of the guest of honor. These new “sign-ins” are more practical and can be used in your home in a variety of ways as a daily reminder of your child’s milestone event.




Whether it’s a piece of furniture, wall hanging or even a door, here are some great options to offer your guests as a place to sign-in. Now where is the sharpie?

Check it out below:


This high heel shoe chair from Artistic Sensations would be a great sign-in and can also be used as your Horah chair!

For the “foodie” child, also from Artistic Sensations are these cheeseburger storage chest and stools

The Miller Family had a basketball theme and used the above locker as their “sign-in” from One Way Furniture


The Event Of A Lifetime used this wall mirror as the sign in for a “chocolate” themed Bat Mitzvah

From the Erica Levy Family Spotlight, this mini-couch served as the sign-in

We found this basketball back board sign in on the Wendy Robinson Photography blog which can be hung in a basement!

Victoria Dubin Events created this baseball poster as the sign-in for a Bar Mitzvah at Yankee Stadium

The Pieced Palette can create a variety of sign-in pillows


This sign-in on a closet or bedroom door was from our very first Mitzvah Family Spotlight story and has been used by many Mitzvah Market readers! It’s one of our favorites!

Did you use a piece of furniture as your sign-in board? Let us know at [email protected].

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