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14 Creative Ways To “Sign-In” At A Bar/Bat Mitzvah

14 Creative Ways To “Sign-In” At A Bar/Bat Mitzvah

At most Bar/Bat Mitzvah celebrations, there is a book or board or something else creative so guests can “sign-in” and leave a special message for the Bar/Bat Mitzvah child. Here are other inspirational ways to sign-in and be unique!

Party Excellence Sign-in
From Party Excellence, this puff fabric frame (outside is 24″ x 32″ and the inside is 15″ x 20″) can be written on with markers and then hung in your child’s room with a Bat Mitzvah picture in the center

A Diva With A Fork - Sign-In

A Diva With A Fork created a star-studded Bat Mitzvah.  These custom two-dimensional, 6 foot pink glittered statues flanked the doors to the entrance of the ballroom. Sharpie pens tied with black satin ribbon were attached to one of the statues for guests to use for signing. This unique sign-in board now resides in the Bat Mitzvah girl’s bedroom as a loving reminder of her big day and all who attended!

Hi-Tech Sign-In Mirror

A picture is mounted in the center of a mirror to create a sign-in mirror from Hi-Tech Photography Events

The Pieced Palette

From The Pieced Palette, your logo or invitation is printed on fabric, then it is mounted taut so that it can stand on an easel at your party for your guests to sign. After the party, the fabric is made into a comfy floor pillow for lounging

Barzilay sign-up doors

Still one of our favorites! Use your child’s bedroom closet door as the sign-in. This idea is from the Barzilay Bar Mitzvah Family Spotlight

Krantz locker

From The Kratz B’nei Mitzvah Family Spotlight, a sign-in locker

Nussbaum Cell_phone_chair

From the Nussbaum Bat Mitzvah Family Spotlight: This cell phone chair matched their theme and is now in the Bat Mitzvah girl’s room as a piece of furniture

Kyle sign in board

From The Margolis Bar Mitzvah Family Spotlight: This jersey was framed in a plexiglass frame and guests signed-in right over the jersey

Party Excellence

Also from Party Excellence, a mailbox was used and guests were asked to write their special messages on customized postcards

Drew Cohen Surfboard Beach Art

on a surfboard from Surfboard Beach Art

Lowinger sign-in

Sign-in right on a guitar. This example is from The Lowinger Bar Mitzvah Family Spotlight


From The Morris Bat Mitzvah Family Spotlight: This sign-in board was stocked with postcards from Long Beach Island (the theme), and guests were encouraged to “Drop Beckett a Line” by signing a postcard and dropping it into a red crab trap (complete with a big old crab)

mitzvah inspire lab experiment lab coat

Is your child into Science? How about signing in on a lab coat!

Did you have a unique way for your guests to sign in that you can share with our readers? Let us know at [email protected].


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