Creative Ways To “Sign-In” At Your Child’s Bar Bat Mitzvah Celebration

Creative Ways To “Sign-In” At Your Child’s Bar Bat Mitzvah Celebration

“Sign-in” options for guests at Bar Bat Mitzvah celebrations have come a long way!

After our previous story, “Unique Ways To Sign-In,” we heard from many of our readers who were able to adopt these ideas and make them their own. Thank you, we love that!

Now we have a new batch to share with you….get your Sharpies ready!

Enjoy these creative options below….

, Bat Mitzvah

The mom of this Bat Mitzvah girl found a unique Acrylic sign-in board on Etsy. Guests left messages on small hearts which slid into the board.  Read more about this AMazing celebration here.

Mitzvah Market - Bar/Bat Mitzvah Planning Resource

At this Carnival themed celebration, guests wished Lucy a lifetime of Mazels on a a metal vintage Coca-Cola horse that used to sit outside a drugstore! Read more about this celebration here.

Mitzvah Market - Bar/Bat Mitzvah Planning Resource

A mirror sign-in board was on point for Gabriella’s Bat Mitzvah theme which celebrated her love of all things girlie and glam. Read more about her Gabulous party here.

Bat Mitzvah, sign-in ideas, sign-in chair

The sign-in chair, taken from the Bat Mitzvah girl’s room was blinged out with some candy stickers. Read about this candy themed celebration here.

Mitzvah Market - Bar/Bat Mitzvah Planning Resource

Each boy had a sign-in locker which are now in their bedrooms. Read about this Fire & Ice themed celebration here.

, bar mitzvah, car themed bar mitzvah
Max Ganem from Charlotte, North Carolina celebrated with a luxury car and diamond themed Bar Mitzvah. Check out his mini McLaren sign-in car from Bridget Loftus at Loftus Designs!

pillow, party art productions

A custom sign-in pillow from Party Art Productions can include all your child’s favorite things!

Bar Mitzvah sign in, Bat Mitzvah sign in, Bar Mitzvah decor, Bat Mitzvah decor, blanket sign in, unique Bat Mitzvah sign in, The Mitzvah Mavens

A custom sign-in blanket from The Mitzvah Mavens 

Lighter Than Air Events, Sign-in board, oversized acrylic letter

An oversized acrylic sign-in letter from Lighter Than Air Events

Bar Mitzvah sign-in, bat mitzvah sign-in, leather sign-in, Bar Mitzvah, Extraordinary Productions

This masculine leather sign-in board with nail heads was created by Extraordinary Productions

A globe sign-in board for a travel themed celebration.

The Event Of A Lifetime used a globe as the sign-in for a travel-themed celebration

bar bat mitzvah sign-in, balloon artistry, suitcase sign-in, travel theme

For this travel-themed Bat Mitzvah, Balloon Artistry created sign-in suitcases!

Bar Mitzvah sign-in pillow, bar mitzvah sign-in, bar mitzvah sign-in chair
Stephanie Feldman from used a Sign-in Pillow with her son’s logo and a Bean Bag Chair for their guests to leave special messages

A giant tennis ball sign-in board.

A giant tennis ball served as the sign-in board at Space, an event venue in New Jersey

A clear box that held sign-in tickets for the Bat Mitzvah girl.
Out of the Box NY used this clear acrylic box that held neon acrylic “tickets” with special messages for the Bat Mitzvah girl

A sign-in chair for a dance themed Bat Mitzvah.

Let’s Party with Valerie matches the sign-in design to the theme. This sign-in chair for a dance-themed Bat Mitzvah can be used after the party is over!

A basketball hoop Bar Mitzvah sign-in.

The custom Basketball backboard sign-in by Flower Power Designs was photographed by Ira Casel

A guitar case Bar Mitzvah sign-in.

Hal Prince Music & Entertainment recently planned a rock-themed Bar Mitzvah for a guitar player. Rather than using a traditional sign-in board, they suggested using an actual guitar case so there would be a permanent reminder of this special day

A summer themed Bat Mitzvah sign-in.

Stacey Kesselman of Exceptional Events designed a beach chair, cooler, and a book as “sign-ins” for a summer themed Mitzvah

A long mirror for a Bat Mitzvah sign-in.

 A long gold mirror with a custom decal served as the sign-in for a Bat Mitzvah from Lighter Than Air

A block letter sign-in board.

This giant letter “A” sign-in is from Hi Tech Photography Events

Over-sized bean bag chair Bat Mitzvah sign-in.

The Event of a Lifetime designed an over-sized bean bag chair with the Bat Mitzvah logo for the sign-in

A lucite box holding sneakers as a Bar Mitzvah sign-in board.

Guests were able to sign a Lucite box from Airgraphics created to hold very cool custom sneakers with all the Bar Mitzvah boy’s favorite teams on them

Sports Sign-In Posters 

For your sports-loving Bar Bat Mitzvah child, The Coolest Giveaways can create large posters (above are baseball and hockey examples)

A ping pong table sign-in board.

A Ping Pong Table sign-in photographed by Sarah Merians Photography & Video

Digital sign-in board.

The digital iSign board, created by Simon Elliot Events for a PBG Miller Immersive Environments iMax themed Bar Mitzvah, was designed to look like a giant “MaxBook” Pro computer

Art Bat Mitzvah sign-in board
The Steinberg family hired artist Stephanie Geezees, of Geezees Custom Canvas Art, to create artwork that was used as a sign-in board and is now hanging in the Bat Mitzvah girl’s bedroom



Mitzvah Market - Bar/Bat Mitzvah Planning Resource

Guests had the opportunity to write a note on speech bubbles to the Bat Mitzvah girls in a customized photo sign-in. For more on this great comic themed B’not Mitzvah, click here


Sports shadow box Bar Mitzvah sign-in.

Balloon Artistry creates acrylic boxes in any theme for Bar Bat Mitzvah sign-ins

A drum Bar Mitzvah sign-in.
Glitter Events creatively used an actual drum as the sign-in board for a music-themed Bar Mitzvah

Photo Bat Mitzvah sign-in board

Lego blocks surround this photo sign-in board by Brick By Brick

Custom pillow Bar Mitzvah sign-in.
For Max, who loves NY sports, Knicks/Mets blue and orange fit the bill! The Pieced Palette printed his logo on the front and back of this pillow

Impressions Photo & Video

Jenna is standing next to her sign-in board created by Impressions Photo & Video using photos from her casual photo shoot

Baseball bases as Bar Mitzvah sign-in boards

From Oh So Fab and Chris Jorda Photography these baseball bases cleverly served as the sign-in

Tumbling Towers

Tumbling Towers is not only a game, but a clever idea for your child’s sign-in. The customized blocks come in different colors and sizes

 The J crew sign in board

From Save the Day Events: Three great friends, all with the first initial “J,” celebrated together in Israel as the “J” Crew. Their sign-in board was made to look like pin-striped oxford shirts with each boy having their own section

jackfathead sign in
This Bar Mitzvah family created a Fathead sign-in from It’s now a keepsake that hangs on his bedroom wall

Patten Creations3

Patten Creation’s guestbook signature quilt is a wonderful way to collect the signatures and sentiments of your guests for your child’s special day

Bat Mitzvah Sign-In Pillow
Philip Herman from Party Art Productions and his “Personality Portraits ” are created into large oversized 25×35 Sign-In pillows. Totally personalized with matching Party colors along with 4 pens and ribbons and special Easel


Did you child have a creative sign-in board that you would like to share with Let us know at

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