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Mitzvah Trend Portfolio From Sarah Merians Photography & Videography

Mitzvah Trend Portfolio From Sarah Merians Photography & Videography

Sarah Merians Photography & Videography has grown into so much more than simply snapping a photo. The “&” in their name represents the company they are today.

They want to be in their clients’ lives for a lifetime, as opposed to just one event. This special relationship they foster with their clients, along with the wide range of products they create and services they offer, is what sets them apart.

Founded in 1986, Sarah and her team have seen many trends come and many trends go and they are on the pulse of what’s happening in the Bar Bat Mitzvah scene today.

While Sarah was planning her own daughter’s Bat Mitzvah, she kept a Mitzvah Mom Journal on her blog. This journal not only explains all about the decisions they made for their family, but it’s also filled with very helpful tips!

If you like “looking” for ideas, check out their trend portfolio at the bottom of Sarah’s Mitzvah Mom blog. You will see 24 image portfolios filled with great ideas in a variety of party element categories.

Below is a small sampling of what you will find:


If you’re thinking about an “on location” shoot with your child, check out these great locations where Sarah Merians can shoot here

Sarah showcases many different types of cakes that Bar Bat Mitzvah kids have been enjoying!
Check out that link here

This section is filled with extremely unique entertainment like this curled up person inside a box!
More here

Are you trying to get your daughter to decide what she wants to wear? Check out the beautiful photography and dresses of these Bat Mitzvah girls here

Let’s not forget the boys here

There are great sign-in ideas and photo decor in this portfolio here

Candy Bars are very popular! They come in many shapes and sizes here

To learn more about Sarah Merians Photography & Videography visit their extended profile page in our Vendor Directory.


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