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Something New From Club Infinity: “Go Morph Yourself”

Something New From Club Infinity: “Go Morph Yourself”

Club Infinity is a unique New York City Nightclub Style Private Party Venue located in Westchester, New York specifically designed for Bar Bat Mitzvahs, Sweet 16s and other private and corporate events. It combines the authentic look and feel of a trendy nightclub with all of the amenities one has come to expect at a Bar Bat Mitzvah and/or Sweet 16 celebration. 

Club Infinity is a natural extension of the experience that their team of entertainers and planners have amassed from many years in the Bar Bat Mitzvah industry. It is an amazingly “cool” place with trendy amenities and a logical flow that lends itself to a wonderful experience for you, your family and your guests. It contains all of the things that you’ve come to expect at a Bar Bat Mitzvah celebration – from their Custom Photobooth, GameRoom/Casino and Arcade Hall to a variety of lounge furniture, incredible sound, lighting and video.  

 Club Infinity Introduces A New Self Morph Station!

Available in early September 2014, the “Go Morph Yourself” station will be freestanding with the ability to communicate with a central print/video server used to print the “morph portraits” and “morph videos” onto DVD.  There will be a total of three “morphing stations” with an adviser to help guide guests to create their perfect morph. In addition, as with all of the photography and video in their club, the finished pictures can be instantly sent to all of their 15 big screens throughout the club for everyone to enjoy.

They anticipate it to be a sought-after addition to upcoming Bar Bat Mitzvah celebrations!

Owner Ed Gaynor shared their philosophy with us, “At Club Infinity we always look ahead to find the latest, greatest and most amazing products and services to offer our clients and their guests. We are technologically driven and experts in our field. When we find these products, most times we will bring them ‘in-house’ in order to be able to present them at a reasonable price point. This helps to keep us keep true to our value-driven mantra and our one-stop-shop model.”

Club Infinity Go Morph Yourself Station
Check out this YouTube video to see the Go Morph Yourself station in action!

 To learn more about Club Infinity, visit their extended profile page in our Vendor Directory.  

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