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Bar Mitzvah Bouncer Is Ready For The Mitzvah Season

Bar Mitzvah Bouncer Is Ready For The Mitzvah Season

Bar Mitzvah Bouncer, Inc. is a full service professional chaperone company specializing in the supervision of children at Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, Sweet 16s, Graduation and Birthday Parties.

Parents can relax and enjoy the big day while the children are supervised. Their services include the supervision of the children at the party, during the Temple services and while in transport to and from the party.


As a new season of Bar/Bat Mitzvah celebrations are about to begin, here are a few reasons it’s important to have the Bar Mitzvah Bouncer company at your affair:

1. Supervise Your Young Guests
The dancers from your entertainment company will be keeping your guests on the dance floor, while the DJ will be socializing and keeping the party flowing. The Bar Mitzvah Bouncers are at your affair for the sole purpose of supervising your young guests.

2. Your Candle Lighting Ceremony
You and your child prepared a wonderful candle lighting ceremony, and with Bar Mitzvah Bouncers present you will not be concerned that the children will be making noise during this memorable portion of the party.

3. Transportation Supervision
If you are providing transportation to the party, you will not have to ask someone to ride the bus with the children- the bouncers do that for you as part of the many services they offer.

4. Monitoring The Bathrooms
The thought of children playing around in the bathrooms or outside the ballroom will never be a concern for you.

5. Enjoying Your Celebration
Knowing that your child’s friends are being properly supervised will allow you to relax and enjoy the party.

To learn more about Bar Mitzvah Bouncer, visit their extended profile page in our Vendor Directory.

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