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On The Circuit…With Tara

On The Circuit…With Tara

By Tara Silberg

It’s Tara, telling YOU what’s happening on the Bar/Bat Mitzvah circuit today. Last time I wrote about shoes and my style.

This time I would like to tell you about another one of my favorite things, dresses. Every girl has her own special taste when it comes to picking out their dress. Some like it short, some like it long. It’s all depends on what YOU want.

To get a feel for what the girls are going for today, I went with Sheri Lapidus, MitzvahMarket.com’s founder to a fashion photo shoot for It’s Simply for You at Hi-Tech Photography in Melville, New York.

It’s Simply for You, located in Syosset, New York sells fashion dresses in every shape, size and color. Anything you want, they have it.

While the models were getting their hair and makeup done, I talked to Rachel, the owner of the store and she told me about what style and trends are new for Spring.

Rachel said, “The Sherri Hill Rockstar collection is very popular right now. It consists of big stones and rocks on the dresses,” she adds, “Pastels, petals, and beads are also a big trend. And the white dresses are very in.”

For this photo shoot, which was shot mostly outside, customers were asked to model the dresses and they looked like they had lots of fun! Two Stephen Street Salon did the models hair and makeup.

Here are some of the looks:

L-R: Montana is in a chunky, long beaded blush dress by Sherri Hill, Lina is also wearing a Sherri Hill from the Rockstar collection and Sammy is in a pink sparkle dress with petals on the bottom

 Sydney is wearing a purple cheetah dress with chunky jewels by Tony Bowls. Animal print is a big trend this Spring

 Hannah is wearing a short Sherri Hill feather dress that has also been seen on Kendall Jenner

Lina is in a Sherri Hill multi-colored crystal dress that is long in the back and short in the front. Kendall Jenner has also been seen in this dress

Gabby is wearing a purple spiral dress from the Sherri Hill Rockstar collection

Taylor is on the “rock carpet” and is wearing a long, silver chunky Tony Bowls sparkle dress

Ally is modeling a Cladine by Elyse Design new for 2012. The sides of the dress are mesh panels and the shape is mermaid

There is a great selection of long and short gowns for us Bat Mitzvah girls in every color of the rainbow and all are available at It’s Simply For You. They also provided the great accessories. I loved watching this shoot and hope to do it again sometime soon. I want to thank both Hi-Tech Photography and Rachel from It’s Simply For You for letting me tag along!

Till next time…On The Circuit with Tara!

About Tara Silberg
I’m in 7th grade at Jericho Middle School and I love art. When I say art, I’m talking about photography, painting, and drawing. I also love music. When I feel stressed, I listen to my iPod to calm down. I will most likely attend between 60-70 Bar/Bat Mitzvahs before I finish 8th grade. I’m excited to be reporting from “The Bar/Bat Mitzvah Circuit” for Mitzvah Market.com.

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