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On The Circuit…With Tara

On The Circuit…With Tara

By Tara Silberg

It’s Tara, telling YOU what’s happening on the Bar/Bat Mitzvah circuit today.

Last time I wrote about my trip to Coco Events to try out their Hollywood Voiceover Booth.

Today it’s all about one of my favorite topics…shoes!

Do you remember being a little kid and trying on your Mother’s high heels? I definitely do. But today, in our Bat/Bar Mitzvah world, those heels seem extremely small.

Today, the average heel is at least 4-5 inches (at least in my town.) These shoes range from Steve Madden wedges to Manolo Blahnik pumps. Name any shoe, you’ll find it at a Mitzvah party.

Just stop by on a Saturday night and you’ll get a real taste of what I’m talking about. But finding a shoe when attending someone elses party is easy. The hard part is finding one for your own Bat Mitzvah!

You may need multiple shoes. One for Temple, one for the cocktail hour, and one for the party (if you’re like me, that is.) But truthfully, who wants to wear 6 inch heels for their own Bat Mitzvah? Many girls buy stunning heels and wear them throughout the night, but I just couldn’t stand that. I had another idea when the issue was brought to my attention by my Mother. A brilliant thought came into my mind, “Why should I have to be uncomfortable at my own party?”

When I walked through the mall with my Brother and Grandmother a few days later, I told them my idea. Hence, we stopped in the Nike store and voila! I had instant relief. Why? Well, I had made an executive decision to do something original. Something that hadn’t been done before.

I designed my own Nike high-tops! We had stopped in the store and designed them right there. And many would think designing a shoe would be highly priced, right? Wrong. This shoe was reasonably priced and under my long gown, kept my feet comfortable all night. If you’re looking for shoes for your own Bat Mitzvah, keep in mind that custom Converse, Keds, etc. can be awesome and last you for months afterwards.

That’s all for this post. More to come on the circuit soon!

About Tara Silberg
I’m in 7th grade at Jericho Middle School and I love art. When I say art, I’m talking about photography, painting, and drawing. I also love music. When I feel stressed, I listen to my iPod to calm down. I will most likely attend between 60-70 Bar/Bat Mitzvahs before I finish 8th grade. I’m excited to be reporting from “The Bar/Bat Mitzvah Circuit” for Mitzvah Market.com.

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