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On The Circuit…With Molly

On The Circuit…With Molly

By Molly Alexander

Hi! My name is Mölly. I’ve recently started going to Bar/Bat Mitzvahs and I’m so excited to start writing about them.

I love attending Bar/Bat Mitzvah parties because I feel like each celebration has a unique touch, and I love finding out what it is!

I’m excited to bring my perspective to MitzvahMarket.com.

On April 20th, I attended Jason’s Bar Mitzvah. I had a lot of fun at his celebration and enjoyed being there. I definitely found something cool and unique at Jason’s party!

Jason’s theme was hockey. He plays hockey, and his logo was just like the New York Rangers logo. I loved his theme because it was interesting and the logo was new and unique.

 Jason’s logo

By far the best thing about Jason’s party was the celebrity guest appearance. Carl Hagelin, a player on the New York Rangers came in and surprised everyone – including Jason – at his Bar Mitzvah! Carl also signed hockey pucks and his trading cards. Jason got a picture with Carl and even got the jersey Carl was wearing when he came to the Bar Mitzvah!

 Jason with Carl Hagelin of the NY Rangers

I certainly hope Jason had an amazing time, and I’m sure he did! I had a great time and loved his party. The celebrity guest appearance was cool and it was the first time I saw that at any of the Bar & Bat Mitzvahs I’ve attended!

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About Molly Alexander

I’m in 7th grade at Seven Bridges Middle School in Chappaqua and I love to write. Every summer since 2010, I’ve been writing a summer column in my local newspaper. I also do Bat/Bar Mitzvah reports on Instagram. Follow me @mitzvahgirl!

I will mostly likely attend 60-80 Bat/Bar Mitzvah celebrations before I finish eighth grade. I am so excited to be writing for Mitzvah Market!


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