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On The Circuit…With Lindsey

On The Circuit…With Lindsey

By Lindsey Sklar

This year I will begin attending Bar and Bat Mitzvahs for my friends and family. I’m so excited to write about each unique celebration. Bar and Bat Mitzvahs are so much fun and I love looking at all of the different trendy dresses, themes, party favors, and more! I’m very excited to share with everyone all of the unique ideas I see at each and every party!

Recently, I went to my friend Alexa Jill’s Bat Mitzvah. It was definitely unique and I think she had some special touches.

At the service, when everyone walked in they received a cupcake wrapper filled with Hershey’s kisses. On the bottom of the kiss, Alexa’s logo was on a sticker. We also got a custom water bottle with her logo. It was very cute and different.

Her service book was significantly different too. The service did not take place in a synagogue, so they were personalized small pamphlets with a picture of Alexa on the front. Her shirt was color splashed purple and it was definitely cute. The book explained her Mitzvah Project, featured her parents’ message, and her blessings. I really liked that.

Alexa’s cocktail hour started immediately after her service ended. The adults went into their own room and the kids went into the party room. Alexa had a lot of lounge furniture that glowed under black lights. There were also a lot of other entertainment options besides the DJ. She had an airbrush station where you could choose any pattern and any color to have as a temporary tattoo. I really enjoyed that because my friends and I all got matching tattoos.

Another fun piece of entertainment was airbrushing on boxer shorts. Each child was allowed to have one pair of shorts. You got to choose two colors and the word you wanted. Mine are pink and purple and say ‘Dance’ on the behind.

Another entertainment option was a photo booth. Alexa had two green screens set up and four binders filled with different backgrounds. That was definitely the biggest attraction of the night. I took 13 pictures with all of my friends.

Alexa had a very good DJ. The dancers were going around and trying to get all of the seated people to dance. They gave out prizes like glasses and hats-the usual prizes at a Bat Mitzvah.

There wasn’t really a set time for the kids to eat, so the food was out all night. Alexa had a large taco bar, which was amazing, a nacho station, and a dessert station. The taco station had toppings like tomatoes, cheese, salsa, etc. The nacho station was just a standard nacho station. It had regular chips, and you could get a side of cheese or salsa dip. Lastly, the dessert bar. That may have been my favorite out of all of the food. You had a choice of popcorn, a chocolate fountain with crackers and such, and a grape slushie. I was definitely stuffed by the end of that affair.

I was upset when it was time to leave, but I absolutely LOVED the favor! It was a simple black, long sleeved shirt and Alexa’s logo was on the front. It’s definitely a comfortable shirt and I am obsessed with it.

Alexa was flawless and she looked like she had a great time. Mazel Tov to her and her family.

I’m 12 years old, from Bucks County, Pennsylvania and more than halfway through 6th grade. Dancing is my favorite after school activity, whether it’s tap, jazz, ballet, or hip hop. Somehow I’m able to fit in my other hobby, softball, during my busy week. On top of all of that, I do whatever it takes to have time for my friends. My own Bat Mitzvah is coming up soon. It will be taking place in November, 2013. I can’t wait!

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