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On The Circuit…With Lindsey

On The Circuit…With Lindsey

By Lindsey Sklar

This year I will begin attending Bar and Bat Mitzvahs for my friends and family. I’m so excited to write about each unique celebration. Bar and Bat Mitzvahs are so much fun and I love looking at all of the different trendy dresses, themes, party favors, and more! I’m very excited to share with everyone all of the unique ideas I see at each and every party!

A few weekends ago I attended my friend Jarrett’s Bar Mitzvah. I really enjoyed myself and I’m hoping I can give you some good ideas when planning your own Bar Bat Mitzvah celebration.

When I first walked into Jarrett’s party, his signing item was out on display. I was one of the first people there, so nobody had signed it yet. It was a locker with his logo, an Under Armor symbol with his initials on the front. Around the locker was different sports equipment representing the sports he plays, such as a baseball glove and a tennis racket. I thought it was very creative that they were able to create something that represents him.

Jarrett’s sign-in locker

Jarrett’s centerpieces were also very nice. The adults had a vase with flowers and then a flag coming out of the top, while the kids had something more fun. The kid’s centerpieces featured a stand that had different sports on them. I took a picture of a baseball one – see below. It had a cartoon baseball on top and a bat going across it. That table was named the ‘World Series’ table. Each table had a sports related name instead of a regular number. I sat at the ‘Stanley Cup’ table.

 One of Jarrett’s centerpieces

The DJ was Pulse Entertainment, which I am also using for my Bat Mitzvah. They put on a great show and the MC always knows how to get the crowd dancing. I was a little shy at first, along with my friend, but he got us both dancing on the floor. The MC was named Ian and he’s very funny. He jokes around with the kids and has a lot of fun. I really enjoyed dancing with him.

In addition to dancing, there was one other entertainment option. Out by his signing locker, a green screen was hung up and there was a trifold board with background options. I took three pictures with my friend, but my favorite one was the one with the Elmo background. It was really funny and cute. People were taking pictures all night, but they were also dancing too.


My friend and I with the Elmo background

Dinner was at a set time and it was a buffet style. The food was excellent. When dinner was over, people danced more, and then they announced an ice cream bar. All of the kids rushed to the cocktail room to be first in line. It took forever to get my toppings, and my ice cream started to melt. It still tasted great. I was disappointed when I heard there was no candy bar, but I was glad that the ice cream bar replaced it.

The party was excellent and my family and I had so much fun. Mazel Tov to Jarrett and his family.

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I’m 12 years old, from Bucks County, Pennsylvania and more than halfway through 6th grade. Dancing is my favorite after school activity, whether it’s tap, jazz, ballet, or hip hop. Somehow I’m able to fit in my other hobby, softball, during my busy week. On top of all of that, I do whatever it takes to have time for my friends. My own Bat Mitzvah is coming up soon. It will be taking place in November, 2013. I can’t wait!


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