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On The Bar Bat Mitzvah Circuit…With Carrie

On The Bar Bat Mitzvah Circuit…With Carrie


On the Mitzvah Circuit…by Carrie Berk


Today we welcome our newest teen blogger, Carrie Berk. For her first installment, she is telling us about her friend David’s Bar Mitzvah which took place in Manhattan.

David Ruff and I have been great friends since second grade, and I was so excited to attend his B’nai Mitzvah in honor of him and his twin brother Harry. Both of the Ruff boys like to have fun, and I knew their reception would be an over-the-top, non-stop party.








It took place at Arena Event Space in New York City. As soon as I walked in, I noticed video screens flashing the slogans, “Life is RUFF!” “RUFF and Ready!” and “Play RUFF!” Love the puns!

Carrie Berk

Pictures of Harry and David riding Harley motorcycles were hung over the bar: In a word: COOL!

It would be hard to forget who’s party you were at: everything was “branded” with Harry and David’s images or initials, from tabletops to vests and beanies to the candy boxes piled high to form a “Candy Cube Cake.”

Carrie Berk
Signage was everywhere including on these tabletops

Carrie Berk

Candy boxes piled high to form a “Candy Cube Cake”

As I walked upstairs, I discovered a beauty bar, fully stocked with every kind of makeup you can imagine—in case us girls need a little touch up or just wanted to try out a new shade of lipstick. So thoughtful!

The boys’ fave foods were everywhere, from kiddie cocktails to chicken nuggets and a pasta bar with every kind of noodle and sauce imaginable.

Carrie Berk

David wanted everyone to get on the floor and dance (he’s an amazing hip-hop dancer), and the deejay and “Discoball Dudes” from Total Entertainment kept the crowd revved up. There were strobe lights, sparklers, and a pounding techno beat; at one point, there were people dancing on the bar!

Carrie Berk

Everyone kicked their shoes off and got down on the dance floor

And when we were too tired and needed a break, there were plush, comfy couches to lounge on with the H/D “ying-yang” logo pillows.

Carrie Berk
I couldn’t help but notice the attention to personal detail. There was a bowl of colorful rubber “Cartier” love bracelets since the family likes Cartier jewelry

Lastly, at the end of the night, we all left with awesome favors: black hoodies with a bulldog on them that read, “It was a RUFF night!” I’m so happy for the Bar Mitzvah boys, and that I was able to be a part of their amazing event!

Carrie Berk
(L-R) Hayley Solomons, Bar Mitzvah boy David and Carrie

VENDORS: Music Entertainment/Photo booth, Total Entertainment; Venue & Food: Arena Event Space; Candy cake: Sugarfina; Party planner: Amy Shey Jacobs, Chandelier Events; Photographer: Michael Jurick

I am a 7th grader in Manhattan who loves ballet, blogging and writing my own bestselling children’s book series, The Cupcake Club (Sourcebooks/Jabberwocky). In my spare time, I take Soul Cycle classes, sing, model, and hang with my friends in the city and the Hamptons. Follow me on Facebookwww.fashionacademybook.com and on Instagram @cbgirliegirl.

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