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Mitzvah Mishaps

Mitzvah Mishaps

“Mitzvah Mishaps” are those crazy things that happen that make you say, “Oy Vey!” but in the end, it all worked out.

There is a lot of planning that goes into your child’s Bar Bat Mitzvah service and celebration. It is an unforgettable milestone, even if a curve ball was thrown your way.

The families and vendors below all survived their “mishap” and a result, have great stories to tell for years to come. We thank them for sharing them with Mitzvah Market.


The Wabnik Family were all smiles as they experienced a Mitzvah Mishap…their cake slid right off the table and onto the floor at Ultimate 575! Not missing a beat, they used this opportunity to take a photo that they will be talking about for years to come

When the Trichon family celebrated their daughter’s Bat Mitzvah, they chose blue sweatshirt favors for the kids. On Monday morning, Mom Patrice got a frantic call from her daughter at school. It appeared the blue dye came off on all the kids’ skin! Fortunately, the dye washed off easily and the favor company replaced all of their favors!

Rachel was enjoying being lifted in the chair during the horah, when suddenly she went flying up and out into the crowd. Luckily her Uncle Coby caught her, and returned her to the Horah chair safely. Everyone (including Rachel) had a good laugh!

When Bar Mitzvah boy Jake got ready for his candle lighting ceremony, he and his parents realized that his Dad had forgotten the candle lighting poems at home! Like a real trooper, he stood up there and did his best, trying to remember the poems, and adding in a few lines on the fly

Invitations By Ana designs many Bar and Bat Mitzvah menus. Sometimes there are changes to the food selections or the title headings. On one particular menu, the client had originally wanted “Carly’s Bat Mitzvah Salad.” She then decided the heading should just read “Carly’s Salad.” Just as the proof was about to be emailed back to the client, Ana realized she had changed it to “Carly’s Bat Salad.” She tells us, “I’m sure that would have been the first Bat Mitzvah dinner to serve bat!”

 This pop-up invitation was a collaboration between 3 companies. When Snowflake Gift Company shipped the direction and RSVP cards to, the package was lost. They did reprint the cards and resend them. Fortunately it only delayed mailing the invitations by 1 week!


Brett Levine’s (pictured left) Bar Mitzvah took place during a blizzard! The forecast was for two feet of snow, but the Levine’s family and friends planned ahead. At the Kiddush, which followed the morning service, the Levines’ friends informed them that they booked rooms at the hotel, where the party would be taking place, for themselves and extra rooms for the Bar Mitzvah boy’s friends. This way the parents didn’t have to drive in the snow. The party turned out fantastic and this family felt extremely lucky to be surrounded by such wonderful family and friends

The original cake for Emma Frankel’s Bat Mitzvah was dropped on the way into the venue so a new one had to be made and baked during the cocktail hour!

Did you experience a Mitzvah Mishap? Let us know at [email protected].


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