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On The Bar Bat Mitzvah Circuit…With Chloe

On The Bar Bat Mitzvah Circuit…With Chloe

By Chloe Cornell

I’m a 8th grader and live in Westchester, NY. I love tennis, soul cycle, fashion, hanging with my friends, and traveling around the world. Camp Vega is my summer home and my favorite place on earth! I founded the company #Kindnessistherealcool for my Mitzvah Project, and invite everyone to visit us on Instagram @kindnessistherealcool and join the movement. I celebrated my Bat Mitzvah in March, 2015.

Daryn’s Bat Mitzvah: Traveling the World!

Recently, I attended my best friend, Daryn’s Bat Mitzvah.  Her theme was traveling the world. Since she and her family moved from New York to London this year, they have had the opportunity to visit many different countries, and it translated into an amazing Bat Mitzvah theme! Everything about the party reflected her theme from the invitations to the party favors.

The invitation set the tone and got everyone excited for the event. The envelope mimicked airmail with silver and hot pink stripes instead of the traditional red and blue border. The inside of the envelope and the back of the invitation had a silver passport stamp design, and the details for the party were in passport-like booklets.

Chloe Cornell: Daryn
Daryn’s invitation ensemble

Upon arrival at the Rainbow Room at Rockefeller Center in New York City, there was a beautiful display of giant luggage trunks with flowers.

Chloe Cornell: Daryn
The entrance to the Rainbow Room

After you went up the elevator, there was a wall of clocks (like you would find in an airport) displaying the time in different cities around the world, including Daryn’s favorite places such as London, Paris, and Beach Lake, Pennsylvania, where she goes to camp!

Chloe Cornell: Daryn
Daryn in front of the wall of clocks

In the kids’ cocktail room, there were many fun games and activities. There was a photo booth with a green screen and you could select different “tourist postcard” backdrops for your picture. I thought this was a clever tie-in to her theme. Below is a photo of the different backdrops on display.

Chloe Cornell: Daryn

Different backgrounds for the photo booth postcards

They also had a casino table where you could win an iWatch, a jewelry station where you could design bracelets and necklaces, and a unique basketball/ping pong station where you could bounce the ping pong ball and try to get it into the miniature basketball hoop. This game, (photographed below), was a big hit with the boys and also a very clever and original idea.

Chloe Cornell: Daryn
Unique basketball/ping pong station  

After cocktail hour was over, we were led into the main room of the Bat Mitzvah. It was absolutely beautiful. The centerpieces on the tables were pink flowers designed to make a globe. The dance floor moved in a circle like a globe! The tablecloths were decorated with a passport stamp design. Postcards from around the world were on the tables and each guest received a mini suitcase with globe chocolate balls inside.

Pictures of the main room:

Chloe Cornell: Daryn

Chloe Cornell: Daryn

For Daryn’s entrance, she was carried into the room on a “throne.”  The men carrying her were dressed in London Guard costumes and they were playing “God Save the Queen.” It was hilarious!

 Chloe Cornell: Daryn
Daryn’s grand entrance

Over the course of the night, many gifts were given out on the dance floor. There were silver trucker hats, bucket hats, sunglasses, lax pinnies, glow sticks, t-shirts, neck pillows, and sleeping masks. There were various logo designs on all of the giveaways. Some featured Daryn’s initials in the Pan Am logo design. Others had a line of planes. Some hats featured the abbreviated names of the places Daryn has lived including “LNDON” (photograph below) and “NYC.”

Chloe Cornell: Daryn

Some of the “swag” from Daryn’s celebration

Some additional details included a live band along with the DJ which brought a lot of energy into the room. Daryn’s montage featured her narrating over video and photos of her travels around the world which was entertaining and special.

Later in the evening, they handed out grilled cheese and doughnuts on the dance floor. Kids had an ice cream sundae station, and my favorite, a cookie shot station, which is a chocolate chip cookie shaped as a small cup filled with milk. YUM!

The kids’ party favors were black duffle bags for the boys with the airplane logo, and girls received woven beach bags (pictured below) with sequins smiley faces and DD for the eyes – Daryn’s initials. Daryn designed these bags herself and they are great! We also received sweatshirts with the map of the world printed on the back.

 Chloe Cornell: Daryn
Favor for the boys

Chloe Cornell: Daryn

Favor for the girls

On the way out of the building, we passed by those giant trunks from the beginning of the night. They were opened and filled with candy, tins of popcorn, and cupcakes for people to take home.


Chloe Cornell: Daryn

Daryn’s theme was completely tailored to her and every detail was perfect. I had the best night and I know that everyone else did too. Mazel Tov Daryn!


Chloe Cornell: Daryn 
Me with my friend Daryn

The following vendors helped to make Daryn’s celebration special:
Venue, The Rainbow Room; Event planner (games, entrance decor, candy station): Victoria Dubin Events; Event designer/floral: Lewis Miller Designs; Music Entertainment: More than Music; Band: Element Music; Photography: Michael Jurick Photography; Montage and Videographer: Jacklight Productions

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