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Bar Bat Mitzvah Essentials For The Big Day

Bar Bat Mitzvah Essentials For The Big Day

You may think you have all the bases covered — the outfits, the venue, the DJ, the photographer, the favors.

What about the day of your child’s Bar Bat Mitzvah? That’s when many families forget about the little, but important items, that come in handy.

We have compiled a Party Essential Pack List of emergency items to make sure your Bar Bat Mitzvah day goes off without a hitch.

Emergency Kit
This MiniMergency Kit from Pinch Previsions is a Mitzvah must have! Perfect for any personal care predicaments. Fix flyaway hair, mend a hem, or stop a run with this 17-piece kit of beauty, fashion, and personal care products. This kit does it all for $14.00 and it comes in a stylish pouch. 

Plush slippers
You will thank us when you have comfy slippers waiting in the car for the ride home at the end of your celebration! After several hours on your feet, you’ll want to slip into something more comfortable as soon as you can. The men in your life will appreciate it too! 

Treat your feet to these massaging slippers from

Extra Clean White Shirt
Have on hand an extra shirt like this one from J. Crew for the Bar Mitzvah boy and/or husband who eats french fries with ketchup…oops!

Cash For Tipping Vendors
Get those envelopes ready as tips are not always included in your vendor contracts. Figure out who you will be tipping before hand and have your labeled envelopes ready to hand out to your vendors. You can also have the catering manager, event planner or general manager do it for you.

Bathroom Toiletries
If the venue does not provide a bathroom toiletry basket, you will need to pick up some of these essential items.

A Binder Of Important Information
The week before your celebration, you should plan to bring your venue manager some of your important lists – ideally in a binder. If someone is late or doesn’t show, you need to be able to get in touch with them without having to scramble for their contact information at the last minute. You should have copies of the following:

1. All vendors names and contact info
2. An alphabetical list of favors for the young guests
3. Your child’s candle lighting poems and which guests will be honored
4. Any other important speeches by Mom/Dad
5. If transportation is being provided, a list of who will be on the bus
6. Photographer list – Important family members to get in pictures

Big Bags
Not only will you need something to hold your child’s gifts, but at the end of your celebration, you might be bringing home decor, flowers, food, signage items, the sign-in book and more.

Do you have any other “Day of Mitzvah Essentials” that you couldn’t live without? Share those ideas with our readers by sending them to [email protected].


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