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Mitzvah Market Magazine: Bar/Bat Mitzvah By The Numbers, How Much Do You Need?

Mitzvah Market Magazine: Bar/Bat Mitzvah By The Numbers, How Much Do You Need?



When planning for your child’s Bar Bat Mitzvah, you will have many different decisions to make. Most are based on numbers. For example: How many invitations? How much food to serve? How long should the celebration be? How many photos will be taken? How many pictures in a montage? How many candles on the cake? And on and on and on!

We checked with a few Bar Bat Mitzvah experts to get the lowdown on exactly what is needed:


By The Numbers Invite




15 extra invitations should be ordered in case your mother-in-law decides to invite a few more friends or your child makes some new pals at camp!




By The Numbers: Cocktail Hour


Cocktail Hour: Figure you will need 3 cocktail napkins and 3 pieces of sushi per person.

Plus: 2 pigs in the blanket per person.




By The Numbers: Party Time 


The number of dancers perfect for a party of 150-175 people is 3. More than 75 kids? Consider adding a fourth.

How many hours should your celebration be? 4-5 hours is the average Bar Bat Mitzvah party. If it’s a kids’ only party it’s usually 3-4 hours.




By The Numbers: Candle Lighting



 How many candles on the cake? Usually 13 with an extra for good luck! Some families choose to do a shortened candle lighting with only 3-5 that can include a memory candle, one for the Bar Bat Mitzvah’s parents, one for siblings, one for extended family and one for friends.




By The Numbers: Gifts



Increments of $18 are considered lucky, so if you want to give money as a gift think $18, $36, $54, $108, $180 etc.




By The Numbers: Candy Bar




1/2 lb. of candy per guest for a candy bar buffet. If you are ordering for 100, you’ll need about 50-60 pounds of goodies. Rule of thumb: you can never have enough sweets!




By The Numbers: Montage




What’s the optimal number of minutes for a montage before your guests start checking their cell phone? 8-10 minutes

What is the number of photos in an 8-10 minute montage? 150

What is the number of songs you need for an 8-10 minute montage? 5




By The Numbers: Photographers




800-1,000 is the number of digital photos your photographer will take for you.

100 are how many photos are in the average Bar Bat Mitzvah photo album.


 Resources: Salutations ([email protected]), Party King Entertainment, Digital Video Designs, Sarah Merians Photography & Videography Company, Parties! Rare to Well Done, Carlyle Catering


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