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A Great Gift For The Bar Bat Mitzvah Planning Parent

A Great Gift For The Bar Bat Mitzvah Planning Parent

Do you know a Mitzvah family who just received their child’s Bar Bat Mitzvah date or are in the throws of planning?

We have a great gift for them and right now you can save $18 with our Hanukkah promotion.


Mitzvah Organizer will allow them to keep track all the details of their celebration.

MitzvahOrganizer.com can:

* Manage guest lists – for your dinner, kiddush, party and brunch
* Send invitation address list to the callligrapher – just push a button
* Keep track of favors – and even print labels for the favor bags!
* Who will be taking the bus? – your adult supervisor will have a list
* Which “thank you” notes went out? – Mitzvah Organizer keeps track
* Manage your budget – you can keep track of every penny

And much more!

 Mitzvah Organizer

This short overview video will explain how Mitzvah Organizer will Simplify Your Simcha!
Watch here

And…you can work on Mitzvah Organizer from anywhere, your laptop, tablet or your phone. It goes with you, so when you check out a vendor, get an idea or want to share with a friend, you can do it immediately!

We know better than anyone else, planning a Bar or Bat Mitzvah is stressful! That’s why Mitzvah Organizer is the answer to your dreams.

Sign-up today, As a special Hanukkah promotion, use code HGIFT and get $18 off the price of $69.95!

The Mitzvah Organizer will cost you $51.95 until the end of Hanukkah Tuesday, December 23, 2014.

Order Mitzvah Organizer now. Only $51.95 with promo code HGIFT.

Read what other Mitzvah Organizer users are saying here.

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