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Get Help With All Your Last Minute Mitzvah To-Do’s!

Get Help With All Your Last Minute Mitzvah To-Do’s!


When Randi Lehman was planning her son’s Bar Mitzvah, she realized there wasn’t a place to go for all the things on her last minute to-do list.

That One Special Touch Inc. was created to handle so many of the “little” things you may have forgotten or perhaps weren’t even aware you needed.



Their products and services include ordering your yarmulkes and ladies’ headpieces, custom-designed yarmulke and ladies’ room baskets, hotel hospitality bags, socks and gift bags for your giveaways.

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Each customized ladies’ room basket is designed for your event, using your colors and a style exclusive to your theme

That One Special Touch

Each basket is one of a kind

That One Special Touch

That One Special Touch will take your invitation so they can get your colors just right!

You’ll find their prices are competitive and they will give you something “extra” that people will remember long after your party is over.

For more information, visit their Website.

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