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Bar Mitzvah Bouncer Have Heard It All Part 2

Bar Mitzvah Bouncer Have Heard It All Part 2

Security at a Bar/Bat Mitzvah is a must!

Bar Mitzvah Bouncer Inc. work as chaperones for the young guests at Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, Sweet 16s, Birthday and Graduation Parties. They have seen and heard it all while overseeing these events.

Our past post, Bar Mitzvah Bouncers Have Heard It All was such a hit, we asked them to give us an update.

Below are some of their recent memorable moments.

Funny Things that Bar Mitzvah Bouncers Do:

1. Our Bar Mitzvah Bouncers get the kids in a circle around the bouncer and ask them to show them their dance moves. It’s always an interesting performance!

2. Our Bar Mitzvah Bouncers find the loudest kid and tell him he is the “Governor” now so please quiet your people. They usually get a big kick out of that and then the rest of the night that kid is on crowd control.

3. Our Bar Mitzvah Bouncer Carl teaches the kids his dance moves like the “Sprinkler” and the “Shopping Cart.” The kids laugh and then end up dancing that way all night long!

Funny things the Bar Mitzvah Bouncer hear the kids say:

1. “Hey Steve, what’s that say on you shirt Bagel Bouncer?”

2. Our Bar Mitzvah Bouncer Damien will ask a kid about his upcoming vacation and the kid will say, “Nothing great…just going to France for 4 days.”

3. The Bar Mitzvah boy screams at his mom, “1980 music, come on mom your prom ended awhile ago, this is my party.”

Things the Bar Mitzvah Bouncers do to keep the kids quiet:

1. The Bar Mitzvah Bouncers learn the names of the loudest group of kids and then ask them for help. This usually helps keep everybody else quiet all night.

2. Our Bar Mitzvah Bouncers like to ask the kids their favorite sports team, subject in school or how friendly they are with the child who is hosting the party.

 To learn more about Bar Mitzvah Bouncer Inc., visit their extended profile page in our Vendor Directory.

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