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It’s All In The Name

It’s All In The Name

Who would have thought when you were choosing names for your tiny infant way back when, oh about 12 to 13 years ago, that you should have considered how the moniker would influence his or her Bar or Bat Mitzvah theme? Sure would have made life easier.

Say, you would have considered just how cute “Lily’s Pad” would sound or if you loved Nike’s “Just Do It” ad campaign, it would have been oh-so-easy to name your son, Drew with the idea of using “Just Drew It” for his future party logo! Or maybe the initials you would have chosen for your offspring would have conveniently been, OMG! How perfect would that be?!

But alas, such thoughts never entered your mind. Never fear; there are ways to turn almost any name into a cute theme or logo design.

Here are some families that either through the luck of the baby name book, family tradition or just plain creativity, cleverly came up with a theme that fit their child’s moniker that worked out great. After seeing these, you may consider re-naming your child, even at this late date!

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Photo credit: North Shore Photography

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